Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Why Is It...?

1) ...when I want to buy shoes and I don't care - much - about the cost, I can never find what I want in my size in the color I want the first time around?

2) ...people who have their blinking light on for more than two blocks, can't hear the ding-ding-ding or clicking sound their light is making? It bugs the heck out of me!

3) ...in a house with 3 adults, no one can ever seem to pick up the big sheet of paper that's been laying in the hallway for 3 days straight?

4) ... after six years of life, my son still thinks he has to tell me he wants juice with his breakfast?

5) ...with literally hundreds of channels on TV, I can never find anything worth watching when all I want to do is veg? And for that matter....

6) ...when I watch a show one day and I don't watch it again for a year, the time I choose to tune in again they're showing the exact same episode I just saw a year ago?!

7) ...men find it hard to believe you can still be a virgin over the age of 16? or 20? or more?

8) ...the time I want to be online (after 11 p.m.) is the time the Internet is out to lunch?

9) ...the lovely (ha!) $2.97 gas price I've been watching for a week doesn't jump to $3.05 until the day I'm ready to fill (halfway) up?

10) ...when I'm close to achieving something that required great sacrifice, I sabotage myself?

11) ...no matter how many times I look around, when I'm backing out of a parking space, I'm the one stopping short of hitting the idiot directly behind me who waited until I started moving to backing out of their space? And while we're talking about cars...

12) ...if I'm driving around looking for a street or address and I decide to make a U-turn on a dead-end side street, there is ALWAYS a car behind me making a turn onto that same street?

13) ...if I go to an empty movie theater and I am the first one there, the next person in chooses to sit within touching distance of me?

14) ...people who smoke think it's OK to throw a lit cigarette out a moving car onto the highway? Hello? Are you THAT self-centered? OTHER PEOPLE WITH OPEN WINDOWS AND CHILDREN IN CAR SEATS ARE DRIVING AROUND YOU! Oh! and...

15) ...when I'm at a red light and the light turns green, the knucklehead behind me blows his/her horn at that precise moment as if I was the one with the magic power to turn the light green in the first place and I was just denying them their right to speed?

16) ...again in a house with 3 adults, 2 of them see it OK to cut food on top of the counters and leave splashes and crumbs there for me to come behind them and clean it up. Newsflash: IT'S NOT MY HOUSE! I feel like I care too much.

This is me ending on an odd note. As aggravated as I was today, there's bound to be more later. Stay tuned.

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theresa said...

Hey stranger, nice blog, I feel your pain! One of my biggest pet peeves are smokers who throw their butts out their car windows.