Friday, June 23, 2006

My Mug Shot

Hee hee! YewNorkBabe wanted to see my mug shot! So here it is! I don't do coffee, ever. Smells great. Tastes bitter. And I really hate it in my ice cream! (Though I shouldn't be eating ice cream because something has changed in my internal makeup and the dairy on my lips makes them look a little.....well, Husband recently likened them to the Nutty Professor movie with Eddie Murphy when he morphs back to his fat self from his thin self. The lips blow up like life rafts. Husband thinks he's funny.)

Anyhoo, I don't like hot tea either because it tastes so blah to me so why not just drink room temperature water, I say. But in the cup is the tea I do drink - Arizona Iced Tea - lemon. A short-term, ex-boyfriend introduced me to it years ago and I've never looked back. Love it, love it, LOVE IT! And for my pick-me-up because I'm not a morning person, I have yummy caffeine a la Pepsi waiting for me because I get free soda at work. (Not helpful since I need to lose weight - again - but gotta love that kick.) Now if I have my choice, Yewnorkbabe, I'll get Coke. There really is a difference in taste. Pepsi is sweeter but something happened - again - when I was pregnant with Son. I was sick for 5 months and not "morning" sickness. I ended up dehydrated and I was miserable until I found out that's what the issue was. Five months of hell. That's what it was. So the Coke settled my stomach and made it possible to actually sit for longer than 5 minutes without doubling over in agony. Pregnant for the first time or thinking about it? That's my advice to you. Do what works for YOU. My baby was not born with a buzz because I had caffeine. But after I had him, I lost my taste for Coke and discovered Pepsi! Now? I can go either way.

Anyway, if I weren't afraid to set a bad example for the kids, I'd drink Pepsi or Coke at home as my morning beverage too! But at least I can sneak it at work, hiding in my semi-cube and feeling like a freak because I'm having soda before noon. Wait! It's after 1 p.m.! Bottoms up!

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theresa said...

Too funny Monica....thanks for playing along. I feel closer to you already with being a fellow morning soda drinker and all.
Have a great weekend...I'll be in Connecticut!