About My Writing

I am a writer and an editor. I have an English degree and have been writing and/or editing professionally since then, including being editor-in-chief for a couple of publications that were not my own. With 18 years experience - I may know a thing or two.

If you'd like to see some things I have written, you can check out these links below:

Taking Care of the Folks: Jigsaw Puzzles Benefit the Brain

This is another placement of Jigsaw Puzzles Benefit the Brain in the Virginia Beach Examiner.

Biznik: If I Could Turn Back Time

There will be another placement of shorter version of If I could Turn Back Time in the Women's Business Owner's Magazine.

This is flash fiction: Word Riot: Shades of Madness

Biznik: Grow Up Already!

Biznik: Branding: I Just Don't Get It!

COMING UP: http://www.mygenesismagazine.com/

Will I write or edit for you? Yes, I most likely will. For now, you can contact me via shop@vwepuzzles.com and I will get the message. I will have more details about this service at a later date.

Thanks for visiting!