Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Countdown to 40

It's Dec 1. That means I have 17 more days until I say goodbye to my 30s forever. What will that mean? Probably not much, I think. After all, I've been in the year of my 40th birthday for over 300 days already so I'm already used to thinking 40 even if I'm not saying it yet.

Will 40 bring an epiphany? I doubt it. All of my major shifts in life have happened in somewhat off years. I clearly remember finally feeling like an adult when I turned 24, over a year after I had moved away from home and was totally on my own in a state where I knew no one. The year I was 34 was the year I made the emotional and mental shift from balancing my desires with the traditional way of living life - 9-to-5 job and all that boring stuff - to making what I want and need my priority and excluding from my life anything and anyone that didn't bring something I wanted in my life, including traditional jobs. And now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I was 14 when I first decided on a career path, which I ultimately diverted from though it's still part of what I do in my business. Hmm. Hadn't made that connection until just now. Interesting. But by that logic, I won't hit whatever 40s bring you until I turn 44, I suppose.

I'm in no rush to be mid-40s, but I am curious about what that shift might be. I already say what I think. (Never have been good at hiding my feelings.) So that can't be it. I suppose there is always room for improvement in how I feel about my physical self, but that's already in hand too so hopefully I'll just be in a better place by then. Only God knows what's coming, but I'm open to it (if it's good or at least stuff I can handle). My 20s flew by. My 30s have been wonderfully slow and productive. I think my 40s have some good things in store that I don't expect. Bring it!