Sunday, June 04, 2006

My Life as a Drawer

This is my top drawer. It's not MY dresser, per se. It's my Husband's. Who knows how long he's had it. For sure as long as I've known him and that's about 13 years now. But I'm sure he's had it at least since high school; probably longer. But I live in there for now while we live with my MIL.

This drawer represents my life at the moment and you can see why I'm going a little stir crazy and in need of a house. The stuff I use regularly is on top, though not that blue cap. That granny cap rose from the bottom one day as I dug feverishly looking for my pink (see a theme here?) container of Pills. I rummaged noisely, pushing aside Daughter's bag o' barrets, digging through envelopes that don't need to be there, diving under 3 boxes of flash cards I have to hide there lest they get strewn all over the house, and all this while Husband slept. I found The Pills and grew even more disdainful of that drawer and all it represents - clutter, chaos, confusion and a total lack of civilized living.

Tonight I am sleepy. I've been sleepy a lot lately but I know it's just something short of exhaustion right now. (Aside: I'm reading Stephen King's "On Writing" and he admits to having times of manic workaholism and then times of near lethargy. Glad to know it's not just me.) The exhaustion, I am certain, is partly due to a lack of my own personal space. Not too long ago tonight, before I checked back on here, I turned off the TV after watching a show I have grown to enjoy - HBO's Big Love. Talk about a lack of personal space! I suppose things could be worse for me. I could have been born into a belief system that allowed Husband to have more than one wife and then where would I be?! Then again, those women each have a house - if not total privacy - so they are still at least one step ahead of me! Aside: I really find this show fascinating. A perspective I've never seen before in a TV show. What do ya'll think?")

Anyway, I'm just venting a little here. Nothing major tonight. Just want to push my 30-lb 2-year-old girl over to Husband's side and claim some space before she gets into her usual horizontal position and kicks me in the ribs, as if she didn't get enough of doing that while I carried her. God, please give me patience to wait for my house where we'll have our own bedroom again and a KING size bed where children are prohibited - unless being carried in the womb!

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Kerri. said...

I love the title of your blog, Monica. LOVE IT.

Can I link you from Six Until Me?