Monday, June 26, 2006

Atlanta Part 1

Staying away from my blog while I was in Atlanta was like neglecting my own child! I tried to keep ya'll up to date - honest! There was a computer in the hotel and free wireless hookup in the rooms but we had no laptop on us so we had to settle for sharing. But every time I had a moment, someone was in the way! Blasted hotel stayers!

There's a million things I can say about that time so I'll try to give it some semblance of order.
Who: My business partner and I
What: went to Atlanta for the 5th annual George Fraser PowerNetworkingConference and to see family/friends to boot
When: June 13-17 (though the conference actually ran from the 14th throughthe 18th)
Where: I just told you! Atlanta! Keep up!

Why: Well, to see what we could learn. It was a first for both of us and it won't be a last. Also, I haven't seen my one and only sibling since he was a groomsman in my wedding nearly 5 years ago. Plus we have mutual friends from our church who we really love and really, really miss. Plus, plus her ex-hubby is there and they are the best of friends (it's true! I saw it!) but haven't seen each other in about the same amount of time as my brother and I.
How: How what? How did we get there? We flew - one stop in D.C. on the way down but when we went home we had a crazy 3-hour layover in Chi-town. How did we get around? Rented a car. Let me tell you. The Toyota Corolla sits up pretty nicely for a compact car. I'm 5'8" and I was stepping in and out of that baby, not climbing in and out like I do my own precious Honda Accord station wagon.
Details: Well, I can tell you what I learned but it would take as long as winter in the South Pole. Suffice it to say that we came back motivated, re-invigorated and determined to revisit the original intent of our business and I'm very excited about that. If you have never listened to Myles Munroe, do yourself a favor: Do It Today. The man is dynamic. He has one message: Live Your Purpose. God has given him the ability to tell that same message in a million ways and it speaks to me every, single time. - If I were in church I'd be waving my hands about now! - God was talking to us that night. How do I know? Well, everything was running late due to the luncheon running over time earlier that day. My partner and I went to the hall where he would be and we were discussing the classes we were in, saying we wanted to talk to the presenters but they were surrounded and we didn't want to miss Myles Munroe. But I told her, "Look. We came here to help our business. I love Myles but let's go back and get what we can from these guys." We did. And when we returned, things had not yet started. As far as I'm concerned, they were waiting for our arrival and we got every delectable word. Treat yourselves, dear readers. He will inspire you.

OK. So I'll stop there for now. I'll blather on about highway signs, homey hotels and life-altering movies when next I blog!

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