Friday, June 02, 2006

Ten Significant Words That Start With The Letter "P"

I've found myself a kindred spirit here in the blogosphere, YewNorkBabe, and I am now in a game of tag! I loved that stuff when I was kid, weighed less and could run faster. (Let's not talk weight right now, shall we not?)

So we need 10 significant words that start with P. "Phone", next post down, would be too easy. So let me think:

Praise - As in I need it more than I'd like to admit. For some reason I'm still not 100% as confident as I want to be in my own abilites but I do press on. Plus, in another vain, I love to sing songs of Praise to God. I love to sing, period.

Press - Praise reminded me. I do believe in Pressing Toward the Mark Of Our High Calling in Christ Jesus. You must press on. You must try. You must not give up your dreams. You have gifts and talents that can only be optimally expressed by you. So despite my horrible need for praise, I do press. And I'm happy because of it.

Please - This is just a word I hear TOO much from Daughter. "Pwease, mommy? Pwease, pwease?" I think I'm tired of this word now. But she does sound cute saying it.

Peanut butter - Something else I tire of but Son thinks it's a major food group. I just don't think I'll buy it ever again after they grow out of it....until I have grandkids, of course.

Paid - As in, I wish we could get it more often in my business and what is that business....?

Puzzles! - VERY important P word indeed! I love them. This is one of my growing-up-with-my-mother memories. When we weren't getting on each other's nerves, we were playing games and doing puzzles. I was happy when we did that. So now I make them. And yes, I do mean the jigsaw kind.

Purpose - Great day, how'd I think of that so late?! This, after all, is what drives me. I did already state that everyone has a reason for being and part of the joy in life is not only discovering what it is but LIVING it. Forget money, ya'll. It will in fact takes care of itself if you strive to do that innate thing that you just KNOW you were meant to do. After 12 years in 2 "jobs" that I never hated, per se, but that never really fulfilled me, I have found my career nirvana and it's so in line with who, what and why I am, I can't begin to tell you. This should have been my #1 word but I may as well be honest about my thought process.

People - At the heart of who I am is my need to help and encourage people and without them - family, great friends, co-workers - we'd all be bored. Admit it. People are fascinating. That's a great segue to...

Psychology - I've always been fascinated with this topic. Only had one class in college (I was an English major so not much extra room for more psych classes) but I loved, loved, loved it. It got me to thinking about going into counseling one day and I still plan to do a form of it at some point after I hit 40. Next segue...

Pastoral counseling - This is what I had in mind when I started my Master's Degree in Religious Studies back in 1994. I got to do a chaplain internship and I loved it. Still have to write my thesis too many years later. (I took one class at a time so I could pay for it out of pocket and graduate owing no one.) Still on my radar but in another form - Life Coach.

Wow! I can't believe I made it! But I ended on the note I wanted to end on, interesting enough. Most of the significant things in my life are covered here and it's an interesting flow, from inner self to outer. Thanks, YewNorkBabe!


Looney Mom said...

That's a cool list! Maybe I should try one.

I hear you on the peanut butter and the praise thing.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and I totally LOVE that M.O.M. - promise I didn't swipe it!

Come by and visit me anytime.

Slacker Lame-o

theresa said...

Nice job! I love the way you write.