Monday, June 19, 2006

The Race to Cure Diabetes

You know I have my very own soapbox here to promote any cause I like. Do you think I thought of this in time? Almost didn't! Team Type 1 is racing across America as we speak - from Cally to Atlantic City - all in an effort to raise awareness about diabetes and raise money too for people with type 1. All the racers have diabetes.

Diabetes runs very strong in my husband's family, though not type 1. Type 2 is the prevalent type among us and I work hard to try to keep my children active so it's a way of life for them as they get older and to also teach them to appreciate healthy food, even though I fail that test more times than I care to count.

The race will conclude by the June 21st but it's never too late to help them raise the million dollars they are looking to raise. I even ordered a lovely little red and white band in their honor - my very first one ever. You can do it too!
So if you think you wanna check them out, do so today! (Love my commercial?) And I'll catch you up on my Atlanta trip very very soon!

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