Tuesday, June 20, 2006

7th Heaven

Got tagged. Here's my list:

7 Things to do Before I Die
1- Publish my children's book
2 - Take a dance class
3 - Sing in the choir
4 - finish my master's thesis
5 - go to Africa
6 - get my business growing and flowing and profitable

7 Things I Cannot Do
1 - I'm like YewNorkBabe. I don't lie well. Honest!
2 - Work a job I hate with people I don't respect.
3 - Pretend I'm happy when I'm not.
4 - Keep my anger from rising. (I'm working on it. It's hard.)
5 - Be cheerful in the morning. Bah humbug.
6 - Swim (All that water. Shiver! Thank God I didn't have to walk through the parted sea with Moses!)
7 - hair (mine or Daughter's. At least not well.)

7 Things that Attracted Me to My Husband
1 - His height (he's 6'3)
2 - His girth (he's my teddy bear. I actually don't feel fat next to him.)
3 - His sense of humor (kids love him)
4 - His family (so like my own)
5 - His work ethic (he's had at least 2 jobs for as long as I've known him)
6 - He says little but he hears everything I say and silently moves mountains to make me happy.
7 - In the end, he went through hell and came back clutching the hand of Jesus. He was finally mine to marry.

7 Things I Say Most
1 - Great day!
2 - Daughter, you are SO determined to do it YOUR way!
3 - I love you too, baby.
4 - Not a problem.
5 - Come on, you knucklehead drivers! (or) Excuse me, it's MY life, baby, not yours. (This is usally aimed at knuckledhead drivers who blow their horns at me because I don't always dare to play beat-the-car-coming-at-you-doing-50-while-stopped-and-waiting-to-get-across-the-street.)
6 - Get out of the refrigerator, Daughter!
7 - Sure, I'll pick up the piece of paper that's been lying in the middle of the hallway for 2 days invisible to everyone but me.

7 Movies I’d Watch Over and Over Again
1 - Parenthood
2 - The BreakUp (I'll tell you why soon.)
3- The Princess Bride
4 - Spanglish (Adam Sandler truly grows on you but not like a fungus the way you'd expect. More like the secret hair on your legs which you know you don't touch in the winter only in the summer when other people are watching. Of course, I'm quite hairless so I never tried to remove hair until a year or so ago, just for the heck of it. Jealous? You should be. :-D)
5 - The Breakfast Club
6 - Crash
7 - Ferris Bueller's Day Off (did I spell his name right? Bueller? Bueller?)

7 People I’d Like to Tag
LOL! Don't think I have 7 readers yet! So anyone can feel free to take it and run.

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theresa said...

Great job Monica! Thanks for the mention. Unlike you, I'm such a morning person, after 8pm I can't keep a thought in my head.