Wednesday, March 14, 2007

7th Heaven - Again

Today is Son's 7th birthday. Yesterday when he was 6, he thought he wasn't having a party when all I really meant was that the family/friends version is on Saturday and the close family version is on his actual day - like always. He cried like he was 2 until Nana explained it to him because I'm impatient and chose to finish getting dressed first before talking to him. (Best for all of us that way.) But she beat me to him. Oh well. But she's out of the picture this week. We'll be in OUR home soon.

In the meanwhile, I have to run home and hide one present in OUR house and bring the one the Grandma and Grandpa sent money for so he can have something on his day today and on Saturday. Hopefully we'll take pictures! And then I'll finish this post.

See you then!

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