Saturday, March 24, 2007

Breathe Again

I am home, looking out my window as I type this. It's getting late actually. I'm tired because yesterday I had to wait for Son to get off at his new bus stop. It's the same bus and route actually except now he's the first stop home instead of one of the last ones. Mr. T. had to go out of town with his mother and 2 sisters to his aunt's funeral which left me to be the day and night parent this weekend.

Son and I went back to Nana's and cleared out some more of our straggly stuff as we swept through the living room and dining room, erasing traces of ourselves. We finished clearing out his room - her guestroom/office - and the sofa bed on which he slept for the past 2 1/2 years is now back in its rightful position. I swept and we left to go pick up Daughter. We went back to the house to clean some more and get more straggly stuff. It's amazing how much of that there is. We took food that we bought and bathroom stuff that we owned. We ate and we watched TV for a little while since ours isn't hooked up at home yet. Mr. T was going to do that today before finding out about his aunt.

Today we got up and I laid in bed amazed that no one came bugging me to get up, claiming to be hungry. They are still caught up in the excitement of having their own rooms. Closing the doors and each one knocking to visit the other. The new toys from Son's birthday party last weekend remains strewn on the living room floor. Normally I like things neat and as organized as I can be with 2 little kids. But right now I am relishing the boxes and bags all over the place and could not care less that my unfurnished living room is currently their playroom. Let them enjoy it. It won't last. :-)

We went back to Nana's where I took all the food out of the fridge and took every drawer and shelf there was to the bathroom to soak in the tub while I sprayed the inside of the fridge with cleaner and we went back out to do errands. It's a ranch style house so the bathroom is only steps away form the kitchen. When I came back, it was a breeze - though still a little time consuming - to clean the fridge, sweep up the kitchen, and clean the bathroom, or at least as much as I will do because males are the reason it needs to be cleaned the way it does so males do the cleaning. I just do countertops and mirrors.

I had already washed and dried the tablecloth for the dining room and returned that to its place so I took the old plastic one off the kitchen table and let it be the glass showpiece it was before we showed up so long ago. We ran out and got flowers for the dining room table, left a brief "Thank you for your hospitality (and patience)" note and made haste back to our place. Our pictures are the only indication that children were there recently. My treadmill, boxes of books and dresser are still there but I'm not nearly as concerned about them now. They will find their way here.

Now the tykes are watching videos while I sit blogging and catching up to critiques for my writing group while thinking about artwork for the new puzzles we're making and generally just living in the moment.

Sigh. How sweet it is. Must go do Daughter's hair now.

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