Friday, March 16, 2007

Enough Already!

OK. So the move, as in we will be living there at long last, is supposed to be tonight/tomorrow. We will have birthday party #2 for Son at 4 o'clock at our house, which officially will close all of his birthday celebrations for 2007.

The kids' beds were finally delivered yesterday and they shall be together soon. But I've still got to get my treadmill (which I miss) and my son's baby dresser, plus boxes and boxes of books over to the house. I don't care if stuff is on top of stuff right now. I only want to be done with moving stuff already!

I moved us. Me. I did it. With Mr. T's back being problematic and needing therapy for it and all, I have moved us all by myself. Now that's not a huge deal since we had no real furniture left after having gotten rid of most of it 2 1/2 years ago. But little by little, I got clothes over there, dishes, toys, etc. made the dump runs, made the donation runs, and now I am down to the 2 pieces I want to keep that I can't handle alone. Since we only bought beds for the kids right now, I want Son to use his dresser from his crib set (always meant to be transitioned into adolescence and beyond anyway) so he'll have a place for clothes and keep me from going nuts looking at extra stuff all over the place that could have a home. I had a tall thin dresser from my bedroom long ago and I already brought that over - by myself - for Daughter to use in her room until we get one to match her bed.

The nickle and diming that has to go on when one moves is enough to give a rock a headache. I am a rock so I know. I had a headache all day Monday and I get them so infrequently that it's always my sign of sickness/stress.

We all know one has to "take time" to get what you need, yadda yadda yadda, but aside from me being the impatient sort, we just happen to need way too much all at one time. I've been here and done this when I first moved from home almost 14 years ago so I must admit, doing it again is enough to give me agita (did you know this is a slang term? Word lesson for the day!).

For now, I have to find an able-body male to help me get stuff into my station wagon. Soon, I'll be calling on my girls because that's usually the best way to get things done. I just do not want to rent a truck if I don't have to. Of course Mr. T. has informed me that we are taking the mattress we've been using at his house until we get our own new stuff because after all we just got the kids' beds and we can only do "one thing at a time." OK, can I please shoot the person who came up with that term? I'm about sick of hearing it and I know when folk come to our house tomorrow who haven't been there before or haven't been there in a long time since we painted, etc., I'm going to be hearing it for hours.

"Well, one thing at a time."
"One day at a time."
"One piece at a time."
"One paycheck at a time."

Enough! I get it! Yes, yes, yes, I know, ok? For goodness' sake I can't even post pictures right now until I am in my house to download from the camera onto the computer. I am getting dressed between 2 houses and I am tired. Hear me? T-I-R-E-D.

My job (which yes, I still love it) is insane and has been since December with no sign of letting up - ever. My writing is stalled and my writing group needs me to start submitting some pieces too. My business is waiting on me to work on it because time stops for no woman and we need to start making a profit. We owe crazy taxes this year because it's simply the lot of the middle class to pay for everybody, it seems, and the more you make for your family, the more on the hook you are - unless you have an independent tax person to show you how to avoid the traps. (Lesson finally learned there. Mr. T. found out the hard way that H&R Block is not the way to go and I didn't even have to say I told you so.) I've lost more weight without trying and I can't think about that right now because - say it with me - it's one thing at a time!

Well, I guess I've vented enough for now. I know it's a blessing to have our own home. I know it's a blessing to have a whole family with a mommy and a daddy who can work and work together. I know it's a blessing to have a job in the first place, let alone one you enjoy. I know it's a blessing to have the family and friends who care about us and help us as they can. All of this I know. I'm just ready to be done running back and forth, pulling things from the damp basement that has been home to most of my stuff for way too long; to wake up in my nearly empty room surrounded by stuff that is waiting for me to create a home for it; to sit on my kitchen floor (since I don't know when we'll get the dinette set we agreed on) and make a nice long list of all the stuff we need and want (one day at a time, of course) and just be once again.

It's been a long time coming. 2 1/2 years of preparing and looking and now 3 months of getting the house (and ourselves) ready after finally finding it. I will wrap this up if I have to strap that dresser on my back and carry it over there. Thankfully, that's not too far. Soon and very soon, folk. For now, back to work.


Lynn said...

You go, girl. Women can move mountains with their will, and if you're a mom and a wife on top of it, you can probably move an entire tectonic plate. Congratulations! The heck with the dresser, it's time to celebrate your new home! --L

Theresa said...

Monica, I'm right behind you with moving by myself. You seem to be doing an excellent job.

Looney Mom said...

One thing at a time. Yup, I know that one well. I admire your determination though. Just keep looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. You're almost there!