Monday, March 05, 2007

Welcome to My New Home (One of Them!)

It's here! The new blog look is here! Now tell me honestly, what do you think? Was it what you expected? Is it hard to see in your browser, because Firefox beats IE when it comes to this. Don't know why. I think it's Blogger. I had to download Firefox on my home computer just so I can see this properly and I figure why not just do it this way for blogging purposes.

Like the colors? My purple was tres important but the pink worked too so here it stayed. Now who do I have to thank for this? LIZ - the LooneyBin mom herself! This woman worked with a back problem and went back and forth with me as I figured out what I liked. Mind you, I liked what she did practically from the jump which goes to show you just how good she is. I only changed one thing about her original design but this is pretty close to it. Liz, you are the bomb! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Now my logo was also designed by another brilliant woman who also hit the nail on the head the second time around. I don't have her web address on me at this second but as soon as I do, I'll link her name - Ashley Plumly - and you too will be able to partake of her services if you need it. She also revamped my business logo and she did the logo over at Sixuntilme so I do have experience with her and can vouch for her abilities and professionalism. Ashley, I couldn't be more thrilled to have added you to my list of artists. Thank you as well!

So welcome to my new blog home! Just in time for spring!

Now my physical home, because I know you are wondering, is coming along. I plan to be in there, really in there, by March 16th, which is 2 days after my son's 7th birthday and I plan to have his little party at OUR house this year. Last weekend and this weekend I spent hours moving stuff over from my MIL's basement to my house, cleaning things out, throwing things out, donating things, washing things. We're practically down to the few heavy pieces we kept from 2 years ago - my treadmill, my son's baby dresser which isn't babyish at all so he can still use it for now until we get him a new one to match his bed. Daughter found a vanity at the furniture store that she's already claimed. I've been wanting to get her one anyway because it just fits her boisterous personality so I guess we'll have to see about adding that to her furniture too. Man, she is SUCH a girl sometimes!

Mr. T. painted the family room and the carpet was supposed to go in today but he found out Sunday that the room needed a second coat so it probably didn't happen. He's sleeping now and I didn't get a chance to ask about it before he fell asleep. But it'll happen this week if it wasn't today so I'm not concerned. It's the last room to be carpeted and the next to the last room (the penultimate - love the word but can be a little obnoxious to use it sometimes) to be painted but painting the foyer won't stop my show.

The phone company has been called to get everything set up this Friday. We officially have a new home phone number which I sorta selected. I told them what I like in a phone number - repetition, my favorite number 8 - and they delivered a lovely version of that. Quite pleased. Mr. T. showed me a couple of beds he found for the kids and they are good, solid ones at great prices that include the mattress. We'll have to build the sets as we go because it's just too much money to spend at once, especially with the still unresolved tax bill looming over us as well. He also picked a dinette set for the kitchen so we'd have someplace to sit and eat but I didn't like his first choice so we found something else we could both agree on. Don't know when those will show but they are selected and that's good enough for me. So after the trash is out of the foyer and the carpets are cleaned, I'll take real digital photos to display in this my new blog home. You're welcome to visit anytime. Stop by and bring your friends! I'll try my best to keep it as interesting as it looks.


Theresa said...


I haven't even started packing yet, and I have so much furniture shopping to do too.

Kerri. said...

FanTAStic new look here, Monica! Enjoy your newly revamped and very jazzy new corner of the internet. :D

Summer said...

I love it. Mine needs an overhaul, too, but I'm completely without motivation!

Monica said...

Thank you, thank you one and all! I got a new monitor for my home computer, which I will have brought to me on Friday, so now I'll get to enjoy looking at this in large, living color at work AND at home!

Liz is amazing. I'm encouraging her to really make this a business for herself.

Looney Mom said...

Hey girl. Thanks for the praise. I'm so glad that you like your new cyberhome. I really want to make it a business. GOD willing it will come to fruition.

Colleen said...

I love your new design! It looks fantastic!!! :)

Twisted Cinderella said...

Love the new look! It looks amazing!