Sunday, March 01, 2009

My Own March Madness

FIRST: If it's March, then it must be THE countdown. Thirteen more days until the big 9. Son will be 9, though he acts like he's 6 way too much. Figuring out what to do is getting tougher as the bigger parties are no longer required and he's happy to celebrate with a few friends. No more Chuck E. Cheese. No Bounce U (that place is expensive anyway). No Lil' Gym. So what can he do? Laser tag? Mr. T. said the facility was too dirty. He was thinking to take him to Medieval Times in Jersey but he barely eats as it is and I don't see him eating there. We'd have to go to McDonald's before we went to dinner! Disney World? Come on little dude. Be real! Bowling? Eh. It's still an option since he suggested it. Maybe another sleepover he said. No thanks! Let's hope I can avoid that. I need at least a year in between those anyway. Whatever it is, I'm hoping I won't need a personal loan to afford it. Fingers crossed.

SECOND: I've been resubmitting my flash fiction lately but I haven't been writing as much of those as I'd like. So March will be my month to grab some story starters from some books a friend loaned me and from prompts other friends post and let's see what comes out of my head every day, Mon-Fri. I'm still thinking about when I'll do it. It will have to be about the same time every day but when am I consistently free? Getting up earlier is out of the question. I'll work something out but no matter what, I start on March 2nd. Hopefully I'll entertain you for the month. A personal challenge to myself. My own March madness.

This is it! This is the month the contest wraps up. Have you voted for us today in the Start Up Nation Leading Moms in Business 2009 Competition? Check it out here. We'd REALLY appreciate it if you vote and you can do it every day until March 31, 2009 PT. There's even a new meter there now to show you how hot we are! Go ahead. Vote! We wanna be hot, hot, hot! Thanks for your support!


Shauna said...

I am new here! What a great blog :)

Monica said...

Aww! Thanks Shauna! You just made me even more determined to stick with my March Madness challenge. Approximately 23 little stories by the end of the month. I must be out of my mind. :-)