Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Business is Looming

It's been a busy few days and Mandy has yet to be finished. But busy is a good thing. I've had to work with my mother to get a big ad together for Village Works to run in the paper on Friday. My business partner and I had to brainstorm on a few months' worth of sale ideas, one of which is now running. (I'll tell you what it is in a moment.) I spent an entire day creating a fan page on Facebook for the business. I wrote copy for a new greeting card. (See? I have been writing.) Last night I was on the phone for hours with a friend of mine whose husband may be writing greeting card copy for us. She's my partner's sister so it's still all in the family that way. And now we're putting our focus on finding teens to be part of our teen sales team. They can make $1 per card and earn a commission off any custom job they net for us that results in a sale. We're looking to get that going and just need one serious teen willing to test this out for us. If you know of any, please send them our way. My business partner and I, along with our partner in the greeting cards, have a couple of other things we have to discuss this week, but as you can see, that's where I've been.

Mandy has an ending, have no fear. Mwah ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Now, what the deal I mentioned earlier?

Get an 11x17, 30-piece Photo Jigsaw Puzzle for only $19.99!


Can't you picture it? We can! Now here's another use for that family reunion or corporate gathering photo from last year, this year, every year! Get one (1) 30-piece, 11x17 jigsaw puzzle with up to 10 words of custom wording OR logo for just $19.99! Compare that with your basic photo puzzle offering.

Our Price: $19.99, with up to 10 words OR logo FREE!
(additional graphic treatment available, starting at $10)

Offer expires midnight March 31, 2009.

The Start Up Nation Leading Moms in Business 2009 Competition is wrapping up this month and we want to be ON FIYAH! Winning means major publicity - major for us, anyway. Have you voted for us today?
Check it out here. We'd REALLY appreciate it if you vote and you can do it every day until March 31, 2009 PT. There's even a new meter there now to show you how hot we are! Go ahead. Vote! We wanna be hot, hot, hot! Thanks for your support!

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