Monday, March 02, 2009

MM: Memories

The prompt: "Where on earth did you find that?"

What came out of my head:

“Where on earth did you find that,” she asked. She had hoped that her voice didn’t betray too much nor show too little interest. She really did want to know how he managed to find something she thought she had so cleverly hidden. So much so that she had forgotten about it herself over the course of their 2-year relationship.

She took the plunge with him. Allowing him into her space. Letting him share her home, her food, her bed. She’d never manage to stick it out so long before but something about this one felt right. He was a snuggler. She wasn’t sure how she felt about that yet but it was nice to come home to. He wanted to be everywhere she was. That still took a little getting used to.

“Cat got your tongue huh?” He looked at her and waited.

“OK, OK.” She sighed. “There was…another. She was special. Very unexpected, you know.”

Still he looked and simply listened.

“She was sweet but, I don’t know, stand-offish too. Liked her space, you know? I got used to that. Everyone having their own space.” She sat down so he sat beside her, watching and listening intently.

“I got used to that and it was nice. Except she never liked to go out. I never understood it. I tried but she wouldn’t have it unless SHE felt like and then, when she did, she was so freaking disloyal. Chasing every cat in town! Here I am thinking she’s into me!”

He touched her arm.

“I know. She left one day. Never came back and this… this was all I had left of her.”

She felt the smoothness of the leather as if it were as new as the day she bought it.

“She felt tied down by it, you know. Maybe she thought it was a symbol of commitment. Maybe she thought it meant she was mine and she couldn’t be with anyone else.” She shrugged. “Maybe she just didn’t like it. You like it?”

He snorted in reply.

“Oh come on. No need to be so judgmental. It’s not that bad. Jesse’s gone now, Max. You’re here now. No need to be jealous. She chased one too many fly-by-night relationships and I don’t know what ever happened to her. She never bothered to find me again. And I thought I’d be alone. And it’s taking some getting used to, Max. But you’re here now.”

She stroked him the way he liked and if he were a cat, he surely would have purred. “Yeah, you’re a man of few words, Max, but I know what you like.”

She stroked the leather again as she admired it.

“This wasn't cheap, you know. Here. It’s yours now.”

Max began to paw her. “Chill, chill. I know what you want,” she smiled slyly and slowly got up from the sofa to head to the coat rack by the door.

“I know chains can be a little difficult to deal with,” she said, “but I think you can handle it. I think you’re here to stay. Right, Max?” She slowly bent down as Max slowly crawled across the floor.

“This is for you, my boy.” She slipped the smooth leather collar over his head.

“There’s you go. Nice huh? See I told you I know what you want. Right? Speak boy!”

Max barked and jumped up in excitement as the chain of the leash rattled in response.

“Ah yes! My beautiful baby. Come on. Let’s go for a walk.”


What's this about, Monica?

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3 Bay B Chicks said...

Wow, Monica! That is quite a tale that came from seven simple words. I am impressed. I don't think I could ever accomplish such a feat with my writing.

I took a look at the link you provided for your business competition. Glad to support. I'll definitely be doing my duty as a clicker!


rebel said...

Thanks so much for comin' by my blog Monica. I've been readin' yours and it's great and I am so envious! I could never write like you do. I'm like Francesca and am in awe of your story today from seven words. You are very talented.
Oh my, I remember when my son was nine. I hate to tell you this but the birthday thing will be hard for a few more years and then it will get into the REALLY expensive stage. LOL
I'll be sure and come back and I hope you stop by again.