Tuesday, July 31, 2007


So July was nuts. It didn't go by fast AT ALL and yet it's August already. Almost. I've been sporadic in my writing because I've had to put my focus on Son's summer program. Now it's time to pack up the tykes and hit the trails. To Grandma's and Grandpa's house we go! It's gonna be crazy. Late arrival there so I can turn around the very next morning for an early flight home, all because the amount of money to fly is astronomical right now and cheap is the word. Mr. T and I have our own tropical destinations ahead later on so I'm TRYING to watch the money but summer burns through money. It's just a fact. I'm trying to ignore it.

I'm hoping August will be as productive in life as it is my head:
1 - Organize the whole office - at last
2 - Organize Village Works electronic and paper files and get ready for next big jobs
3 - Organize/toss Daughter's toys, etc.
4 - Get bookshelves for both
5 - Do some little decorative stuff around the house, like finally paint the foyer
6 - Write that business article that's been mulling about in my head
7 - Do that long-overdue children's writing assignment
8 - Call some long-distance friends

Seems doable - as long as I don't do much else. But you can rest assured I will also sleep as late as I can as often as I can and go with the flow as many times as the tide rises.

Must get things squared away at work now. Tonight I go home and get it all together and I'll send you photos from the road.

Hasta la bye-bye!

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Theresa said...

Sounds like you have a busy month planned.

I've been going through a lot lately and haven't been around the internet much.

Glad to see that you are doing well.