Monday, July 23, 2007

It is Finished

Two solid weeks of work. One major marathon weekend. Another summer program project is complete with time to spare. We bound it about 4 Sunday afternoon so I could chill out for the rest of the day. I missed a friend's daughter's 1st birthday party too. I've got to get a gift figured out pronto.

So, I've got one more summer until I have TWO children in the program. That means TWO projects and even with TWO parents, it's not enough help. My friends? Well let's see.

One is a stepmom and her daughter is in the program. I read her book for her in the process and they finished on time.

Three friends are sisters and they have a brother. I'm cool with him too but hang with the girls. One sister has one daughter and they finished about when I did. She went to help the one married sister who has a son in the program, the other divorced sister who has one daughter in the program and the divorced brother who has 2 daughters in the program and an ex-wife who didn't help for some reason. Their cousin was also there to help with the 4 books that were going on. I text the one sister to tell her something. She asked if I was done. I told her I was and asked what she was doing because I expected her to be conked out. She told me about the group thing they had going on. At that point it was after 10 at night. I saw her this morning, wiped out. She left about 5 in the morning she said. They still weren't done. It's important to note, no one started late. This is just how it is when you work a full-time job and have a family (2 of the sisters have other children too) and this too. It's a job. It is. We are glad the kids are doing this, but it is truly work for the whole family!

But it is finished. That's all that matters. So I can't show you every page because it's 27 pages, not including the bibliography and title page and that kind of stuff. It only had to be 8-10 pages of content but that would just never do. So here's a sample! Excuse me while I enjoy the fruits of our labor!

The cover. Thank God it was a regular size this year so I didn't have to do that annoying contact paper thing. I was able to get laminate sheets in 9x12 and that did the job.

A little of the inside pages. He illustrated most of the pages himself.

A little more of the inside pages. Got a little 3D action going on. I did maybe 3 or 4 pages this way where I found a good image online and had him draw his characters for me to cut out and put into the scene.

A little splash on the back of the book. My parents don't know this yet but they gave the story rave reviews. See? Well, you can't read them from this picture I know, but trust me they loved it! Though they haven't read it yet.

So these are a tad blurrier than I hoped but then again, so is my vision right about npw. I need a drink. Pepsi machine, here I come!

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Looney Mom said...

Woohoo! Congratulations on getting that all done. I know the relief you must feel! What a great project; definitely a keeper for him to show his own children someday.