Friday, July 06, 2007

Ready to Go!

The passport backlog must be finally catching up to itself because mine showed up on time yesterday. (No, silly. This isn't it. But you know what? It's got to be one of the best pictures I've EVER taken, and I couldn't even smile! I even had to do it twice because my eyes are dark and small so they said, "Can you open your eyes a bit more? We can't see the color!" Blame my genes.)

Bet ya didn't even know there WAS a backlog, huh? There was. Or maybe still is. Mr. T. had told me a week or so ago that someone applied in February and just got his this past month. It's supposed to be a 10-week process. I was expecting mine mid-July but I had to have a back up plan, just in case. Turns out, they are allowing some limited travel without it right now - if the country you are going to allows it. I was set. But now, no worries! It is here and I am set for the next 10 years. Mr. T claims he likes his better because mine has thicker paper. He's just jealous. I like the way it looks and feels. And now I can finally go somewhere the U.S. doesn't own or is pretty close to geographically speaking.

Soon. A REAL vacation. Can't wait.

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