Monday, July 02, 2007


Two posts in one day? I must have something to say!

Do you know this young woman yet? The lay wedding planner for unbridled brides? No? You will! A co-worker and I joined forces in to pestering her to at least start a blog if not a business - yet. She surrendered!

We listen to her almost daily because there are 3 brides-to-be at my place of employment and she has told us how she has often, quite often, been a bridesmaid but not yet a bride. Still, she has done more than that. She has planned and planned and really gotten some friends off to a great start with unforgettable ceremonies. She is something to listen to. The passion is evident. I have only seen the cookies she made recently from a Martha Stewart magazine - missed the taste test - but the joy she gets from this oozes from her pores. Since purpose and passion and encouraging others is MY passion, I couldn't help but jump on it when I saw it in her.

"You should start a business!" We all told her that. She shies away. But still, you can see the thought trying to surface in the back of her mind. The seed is planted. All we have to do is water it with our encouragement.

If you are getting married and want her take on things, give her a buzz. She's new at this blogging thing but she's got the wedding planning thing down pat!

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