Thursday, July 12, 2007

And They're Off!

It's gonna be a girls' night.
And day.
And night.
And day.
And wee early morning.

Mr. T and Son got on a bus for Cincinnati tonight along with about 90 some other kids and parents from his summer program. It's their weekly trip to somewhere educational and next up is the Underground Railroad Museum in Ohio where - after a 14-hour bus ride - they will have 2 days and 1 night visiting the museum and having a little (very little) R & R before boarding the bus for the 14-hour trip home, which is supposed to land about 2 a.m. Sunday back in our church parking lot. Oh, the things we do so our children will have life experiences. But I've seen it and heard it way too much; children who have NEVER left their own state or even their own county. Sad but true. Not that that was ever a concern for us. Mr. T and I both have the travel bug firmly nestled in our DNA so I'm sure the kids will follow suit. As it is, they like to go any and everywhere and want to do it as often as possible, whether you are tired and broke or not.

So that leaves Daughter and I to our own devices for quite a bit of time. A mini-vacation for me because I not only have to care for one child and not two, but I get the bed ALL TO MYSELF. Woo hoo! Son and I worked diligently on his book project this week and thankfully got the writing of the story done so that it is now in editing stage and I will not be as pressured to work on it as I thought I might be. I can edit while he's away and practice our illustration technique and we'll be ready to roll when he gets back. So attention will be lavished on Daughter who has been hurling activities at me since I got home.

"Can we go outside and ride my scooter?"
"Can we go to the beach?"
"Mommy, can we go to the movie feature! I wanna see Bratz. I wanna see Superdog!"
(It's Underdog, baby.) "Let's go! Let's go!"
"Can we go to the movies?"
"Can we go to the movies?"
"Mommy, can we go to the movies?"
I consider her movie request since this is the time to do untraditional things but her desired choices are not out right now so I ask her about Evan Almighty. She says she'll go but I see it's 7:30 and Fandango says the next movie is after 10.

"Can we go to the movies?!"
Not tonight. It's too late. We have allllll weekend. Chill, would you?
So we get something to eat because I haven't done that yet, go home and now she watches cartoons while I talk to you all before getting in my bed.

What? I DO have to work in the morning, ya know! Granted, I'm working from home so it's not like I have to get dressed. But one moment at a time. For now I must go. Daughter is psst-ing me and beckoning with her tiny index finger. I think there are some brownines upstairs doing the same.

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