Monday, June 25, 2007

This Morning... daughter was explaining to me how I have to "be adult about things." I don't know what prompted this reprimand. We were walking to school and talking about her father and her brother yet somehow we got to how I need to be adult and she doesn't because "I'm the little one." Thank you for the reminder, Daughter. Darn if she's not right, though.

(Sorry. Let me remind you that Daughter is 3.)

...I was thinking about the fact that this June 27th marks my 2nd year at my wonderful job that I love completely. It also marks my mother's 57th birthday and her 36th wedding anniversary. Or is it 37th? Darn it. I always have to do the math. Thank God it's even numbers. She's 20 years older than I am. So if she's turning 57 that means my father is turning 59 in August. I was driving at the time I was thinking of this and had to hold the wheel tightly as I yelled out, "woah!" as I realized they would talking 60s soon enough. When did I get old enough to have parents in their 60s? Yes, I know it's not that old. Yes, I know the older I get, the younger everyone older than I am gets. I am well aware that it means nothing really and yet, their being 60 means I AM GETTING OLDER! And I like being adult, despite what Daughter said above, but dang! I think I don't want to think about it. I'll let them stay 50something for as long as possible, if only to keep that ribbon of time flowing as long as possible.

(Confirmed it today. My father does turn 60 this year. What does one do to mark that milestone, I wonder.)

...speaking of being an adult, my girlfriend - the one whose personality is 97% like my own, by her admission and my agreement - was explaining to me how she dealt with something at work recently and she knew she'd have to talk to me about it because though we think alike, that 3% difference is just enough so that we aren't just talking to ourselves. She's a straight shooter with everyone, including family. I tend to give family a little more room to be flawed but everyone else hears what I really think - eventually. So her story just reminded me of how much I need to work on my own patience and she too has things she wants to improve on and yet - being 3 years old than I am - she knows she is set in her ways and so am I. Plus, we rarely apologize for it.

It's that age thing, yet again. Three reminders in one hour. Yep, one hour. God, are you trying to tell me something? I don't think I want to hear it right now. Nope! I don't. I won't. And you can't make me! (OK, ok. I hear you. Just later, ok?)

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Theresa said...

Awesome Post Monica!

Even though marriage is tough, I'd rather be married than living my single life....I'm not cut out for being single, *sign*