Friday, June 01, 2007

Site Now Seen!

It has taken too long. There has been too much angst. We have learned MUCH about who we want to work with in our business. More money has been - or will be spent - but it was worth it and it is done. Village Works Enterprises LLC is now back online where it belongs. We were down for about a month. Way too long but then again, we expected it to be done before last Christmas. Don't ask. I don't want to bad-mouth the former new developer but I won't be passing his name along either. We still have a good letter to write to him about why he lost us. Now our new people? You CAN ask about them if you're looking.

Feel free to make all the comments and suggestions you want. Good ones will be add to an ongoing list because it's not free to keep popping in there changing things around, you know? But it is evolving, a MAJOR work in progress. Lots of little things I still want to do and big things too, some obvious, some not so.

But we're back. That's what counts. Enjoy!


Looney Mom said...

I love the flash intro page on your site. It's a great site. Just one itty bitty thing (or maybe a couple): the links at the bottom of your "HOME" page are all linked up to the home page instead of their respective destination. And the "HOME" link at the bottom of all the other pages winds up back at the flash intro page (index) instead of the actual "HOME" page. Just thought you'd want to know. I just kind of notice things like that. ;)


Monica said...

Thanks, Liz! I'm sure it's not the only itty bitty thing so thanks for that! I can't begin to tell you the issues we had with the old people. Plus I am a perfectionist so I see the tiniest stuff. But in this case it's not about being perfect, it's about being correct! However some folk, it seems, actually call that "making lots of changes."

Any web developers out there? Let me tell you. PLEASE be a perfectionist and keep track of what people want. No one should have to ask you to make the same change 3 times in a row.

Uh oh, annoyance kicking in. Gotta stop!