Wednesday, June 20, 2007

And The Verdict Is..

Yes. Son and I have found out the Family Project for his summer camp program this summer. And yes, we DO have to write a book. I ought to get paid for my clairvoyance.

But I've got an idea and that is lightyears ahead of where I was at this time last summer when told of his project.

One of the things that was suggested by the IT Guru there was that we purchase this little baby called a Wacom tablet. Now, I've got taxes to pay, a vacation coming, stuff I want to do for the house, treats to buy for the kids' rooms when they leave to go to the grandparents and the last thing I want to do is spend more money. But I admit, this baby is cool. Son loves to write as much as I do and he loves to draw too, so it's not like this would be a waste of money for either of us. I'll think about it. But if you want to write your own book, this is a great way to illustrate it and write it electronically in your own handwriting. Very cool, even for non-techy me. And it's not that expensive. Very tempting. Now, I can imagine a lot of the kids will do the same things, especially if they end up getting and/or using this Wacom. So I doubt I'll buy it for THIS purpose. Hopefully my idea is just seemingly complicated enough that no one else will do it. I do like to be different if I can. Oh, wait. This is HIS project. Yes, yes. I misstated that. He likes to be different. There we go. That's what I meant. Yes I did and you can't prove otherwise.

Son and I have much reading to do. And planning to do for this book. Get me to the library!

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