Thursday, June 14, 2007

Taking a Moment

I'm swamped. Really. At home and at work, I can barely get a moment to think, let alone blog or even blog hop. So my newly acquired friends are going to think I don't care but it's not true. Oh so not true! How's the new home, Theresa? How's your back, Liz? Amazing color on your blog, by the way. As usual. Summer, you are one of the ones I like to follow and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Lynn, when are you going to post again, woman?!

I was talking to a friend today about my really being able to veg out when given the opportunity. My need for speed is a well-known fact among the people I am around regularly. I admitted that I couldn't sit still TOO long or else I'd feel I was wasting my time, but lately, there is not a moment to spare and I am oh so in need of it.

All day at work, the projects keep coming. If I hated my job, this would truly be a struggle but because I love it, I thrive despite my longing for a break. At home, it's the end of another school year. I have attended more events at my Son's school these past 2 months than I can care to think about right now. And tonight? I have to go to yet another concert at a different school. Actually, it's a concert that was already held at his school - the 1st-graders (him), had a part in one song in a 5th-grade concert - and now they will join 6th-graders at another school to rehash it, um, enthrall us, once again. So I get to sit through twice the singing just so I can see my one little 1st-grader sing along in one song. And he's barely a 1st grader now! He's moving on to 2nd and it just seems weird. When he hits 3rd, Daughter will join him at his school for kindergarten and the fun will REALLY begin. I can't get that far ahead of myself.

We are also gearing up for Son's summer program, which is every bit as intense as regular school so this is not a break for me in the least. Oh no sir-ee! This is a learning opportunity for us all and a chance for him to do things and see places he wouldn't normally do or see in a normal school year. And hopefully it will prove to be one of the things that gives him a leg up as he progresses in school.

Business continues to pull me in another direction, but who is complaining? One medium-sized job is done and we are hopefully wrapping up the 1st phase of this big project so I can concentrate on the next medium-sized job and potentially 4th one before the 2nd phase of the big one commences. Keeping up? See why I need that book I mentioned last post? When that wraps, another big one will hopefully be in the wings, if the client is ready to start by then. Along the way, I have to try to get the website worked on some more, among other things.

No complaints. But I'm taking a moment to write this simply because I needed to NOT think of work for just a little while. But August is coming, the tykes will be with my parents for awhile and Mr. T and I will be cue the music - cruisin'. On a unny afternoon (or 6), yeah bay-ba! Can't wait and yet don't want to rush the summer either so I have to wait. That's OK. We're going to finally paint the foyer so I can do some things I've been wanting to do there and I'm going to knuckle down and get my bookshelf for my office so I can do what I want to there as well, so I do have some fun coming.

My LA Weight Loss Counselor is wondering where I've been. They've closed the office I've been going to over the course of the past 7 years. So hard to believe. I really don't have the money or concentration for this right now but I do want to get back on track too - eventually. I know my limits. Weight loss takes concentration and I don't have it in me right now. But we'll see. I promised him I'd call him back tomorrow. I like his attitude so I try to follow through with him. But it's going to cost something in the end and I just don't want to stretch it right now. We're still paying taxes, after all and Daughter has been asking for that Dora Kitchen longer than I can remember now. Gotta get it for her before she comes home from her August trip.

Well, this was meant to just be a somewhat rambling post and I think I accomplished that. I need to go check up on Theresa now. Oh wait! My boss just IM'd me from home. There goes my trip to the corner store for unnecessary chocolate.


Theresa said...

Hi Monica! Good to see you back at the computer.

The new house is great, I'd love to have you and the family come by for a visit. You'd love it here.

If you know of any job openings in CT let me know, I'm looking to live there full time, the traveling is killing me....well, the living out of a suitcase is killing me.

Summer said...

I need an online workout buddy, if you're interested! I don't know how that actually works or whether its effective at all, but after my trip to the gym today (my first in over 3 years) I realize I need some help.