Friday, February 05, 2010

All's Quiet for Now

I stay in my bubble.

My laptop battery died earlier this week so a host of things continue to see me sporadically.

  • Facebook has barely seen me. (I should probably jump on now and say hi.)
  • Twitter sees me daily because it's just so easy to tweet but I'm not looking at my new followers right now.
  • The VWE newsletter had to be done at work so it's late going out.
And I? I am ok with it all.

It's been all about work (tres biz-zee) and my closet (tres mess-ee to me). I go home, help with homework, which I basically loathe because frankly, I am not a teacher to young children. I have no patience with the repetitive nature of it. But somewhere between school and home, they lose everything they know. Most likely it's been jarred loose on the school bus ride, but it's only a good 5-7 minutes or so away so what does that say about how much is in those little heads anyway? Still they leave home and forget how to act. They leave school and forget how to do whatever it is their homework is based on. So, this is my life at the moment - par for the course. Standard stuff. The kind of things loads of stay-at-home and/or work-outside-the-home moms do every day. Oh, and I happy to watch most of my shows too (especially Lost and Big Love) so it's nice to just chill. But I know there is a book waiting for me and a business I have to keep bouyed and having that helps fills me in a way I don't think I would be otherwise if I ONLY had a job and my family.

I'm content to let those things tread water while I listen to closet organizers tell me why their company is the best and how the end product is worth the money. I sit now with 2 sets of ideas in my proverbial hands and I will hear the 3rd bid on Saturday morning, if the snow doesn't scare her off. Mr. T continues to not understand that cutom closets actually give you more space, not take space away but he also knows he really has no say in this happening; only in what it will look like. My wallet is telling me that I have to take this slow so I'll most likely have the installation done in late March after I've had time to add on to the money I have for this instead of literally going for broke. Plus, I am certain I really don't want a white closet anyway. I'd rather hold off until late March and pay for some sort of wood grain that will make me happy, most likely espresso, unless Mr. T finally speaks up and states a preference. I'm flexible on that.

I wanna show you the plans! But in fairness to the people I won't be using, I'll wait until I pick one and share that. And that will be on Monday. See you then!

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