Sunday, January 31, 2010

Closet Shopping

Still looking into the whole closet organization thing. For a second I was afraid I may have to stop because the washing machine died sometime Friday. But Mr. T had already been looking around and next thing I knew on Saturday, I was at Sears saying yes to one he had picked out. He wanted a color but it was a tad more than he wanted to spend so we stuck with white but who cares. The back and forth to the laundromat for one day will tide me over for at least another decade. So my closet hopes stay intact. Whew.

So far I've had one guy come check it out so I can start getting an idea of price. I figured while he was here, he may as well take a look at the kids' rooms too even though I doubted I'd be doing theirs too unless it was crazy not to. I had to have him tip toe through my daughter's messy madness of a boudoir so he could measure and think about what's possible. We realized that son's closet was actually a little deeper than hers so he had different thoughts for him. We were looking at something like this for the kids:

The wood is more flexible than I expected because most of it can be moved as the kids grow. Maybe there would be baskets for Daughter because she could use the organization help. Slightly neater Son wouldn't need that much help but Ken, the guy doing the consultation, said we could give him a little help with his toys as well. White would be cheaper than any color wood so I'd probably say yes to that.

We talked about how there is actually room to spare in my closet and a back wall that's more usable than I expected. Again with the white wood to save on cost but I really don't want white, although I am not closed to it if the cost difference is that great. I keep thinking of espresso wood and brushed nickle hardware and it'll be hard to go in another direction. But then Ken told me what it might cost to do all three closets (he will be sending me an actual bid for just my closets and for all three as well) - $3,200. Oh boy. Which means I am probably looking at $1,500 alone, if I'm lucky.

But think of something narrower than this (maybe as wide as one side of those shelves):

In a color like this:

A place for everything. No more shoe boxes. Double hanging. Espresso and brushed nickle. Ahhh. Mr. T doesn't see the need but this is like makeup - he wouldn't wear it but he can appreciate how it enhances. So, I have an appointment with California Closets this week (I already know I'm not going to like their numbers). I am waiting to hear from two other companies I emailed and hopefully by or in March, I'll have a new closet.

Let's hope I won't feel broke afterward.

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