Friday, February 19, 2010

The Tiger's Tale

Here's the thing. Tiger was unfaithful. I. Don't. Care.

Really. After the first week, I was over this thing. What is he, the first one? So now he's a disgrace to all athletes who typically lead lives above board? A shame to all Cablarasians, or whatever the word is supposed to be? Should I really cry for his wife, who may or may not have known about the affairs 9 mistresses ago? It's not that I don't think she deserves some sympathy but why must all this continue to play out in public? Congratulations world. You are continuing to shame him AND his publicly humiliated wife for....her benefit? No? The sake of all those poor children who now won't believe they too can play golf after all? Wait. That's just nonsensical, right?

Is his sin any greater than anyone else's? The higher standard he's called to I'm sure wasn't implemented by anyone who was in his shoes previously. The public pretty much thinks celebs, politicians and such should be beyond reproach and when one lets us down, we all cease to be capable of living good lives. Oh wait. That's another stupid idea. So, why DO we still care about this?

The 12 steps call for reparations to be made. Seems to me Tiger's family and people immediately in his purview deserve that apology. I don't think I do. Ok so, the kids. Maybe kids who looked up to him deserve something - later. After he gets his act together and makes amends with his own loved ones. After he's had time to process and get back on the road. Then maybe then he can say something to the kids.

I didn't listen to Tiger's statement today. I overheard some of it since it was playing on the TV at work and what little I heard sounded like he was not quite ready to be out in public yet. As a matter of fact, it sounded a tad like there may have been some contempt in there, feeling forced to be the public man he never was. Gee, could that contempt I heard (and maybe I misheard) make him look any worse? Seems like it could. You know more judgment will be passed because he is the only one who lives in a glass house. The rest of us reside on clouds above it all, pointing the finger at our fallen diety.

Can you imagine being forced to reveal all the stuff YOU have hidden right now that hasn't been brought to light like Toger's transgressions have and doing that on TV, apologizing for stuff that really few people have any business being a part of in the first place? I suppose if you could see yourself doing that and you're cool with the judgments you'd get, then you have the right to sit and watch Tiger, shaking your head and wagging your finger.

Personally, I can't watch it. His act should shine a light into the souls of all of us and make us cringe. Humanity isn't just his fall from grace. It should be us saying there but for the grace of God goes any one of us.

Let the man deal and heal alone.

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