Thursday, February 18, 2010

I Want to See What Would Happen If...

...I didn't help the kids with their holiday homework. Every day I have to ask if they did it and every day it's like I'm the one who gave them the homework in the first place. At this moment, I'm done asking and pretty determined not to ask again until Monday night when I come from work and hear how their day went handing in incomplete stuff.

...I just let my daughter's mess grow and grow and grow in her room. I am very anal about clutter but she doesn't care so I don't want to care either. She's 6, I know, so my head knows I can't expect much but I still want to ignore it for about a month and see what happens.

...I let my son do his cub scout projects all by himself. He's a Webelo and has a lot to do to get the various badges and pins. He says this is what he wants so maybe if I just stop trying to help him do a little at a time, he'll find a way to get it all done himself.

It's ridiculous pulling teeth trying to get them to care about the neatness of what they do. It's exhausting saying the same stupid crap every day about common sense things like picking up dishes/food off the table when they're done. It is maddening explaining for 3 days in a row what the ones column is versus the 10s columns because instead of doing all the math pages on that same topic at the same time, someone wants to do only 1 page per day but gets amnesia after completing each page. It's like some truly evil Groundhog's Day. I'm going to go stick my head in the dirt now.

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EJ Shames said...

I wonder what would happen if you really DIDN'T do those things, and let your kids find out what happens when they don't do them..
Ok.. cleaning up the room ? Well.. I COULD show you pics of my own daughter's room ( she is 18 now..) but you would faint. ( ok. sometimes I feel like I am going to faint!) But, I can close the door. I learned that a long time ago! lol. kept me sane.
Homework.... well.. are you willing to risk it ? Let the teacher let your kids know they are needing to do their homework? Some parents do this, and kids magically start doing their own homework. ( ok, maybe that is a fairytale, like babies sleeping through the night is.. none of my 4 kids slept through the night when they were babies!)
Great blog!!
Peace and light