Wednesday, August 08, 2007

T Minus 2

With 2 days left before my departure, I am swamped at work trying to make sure no one is wanting before I leave and then I come home trying to stay on my cleaning schedule. I want the office done before I leave so I can come home and get into the kids' rooms.

I won't pack until Friday night so tonight I clean out 2 more boxes, read a bit, wash clothes and of course blog!

I should be making a list of what I want to take with me but honestly I don't want to overthink it. In case I haven't made this clear yet, I hate excess baggage in every sense of the word so too much planning means I'll bring too much and since I'll have to lug my own stuff, I need to keep it easy breezy. Besides, no one cares what you wear on these cruises. You don't know them so why should you care either? But, just for argument's sake, let's see:

Driver's license
Never leave home without it.

It was tenuous there for a moment when I found out too recently that there was a backlog, but it appeared right on my schedule; thick, brand-new, pages with a multi-colored sheen ready for stamping. Mr. T prefers his. Mr. T is just jealous.

Ordered last Friday but not yet arrived. Here's hoping it gets here by this Friday. For some reason I found this on the shelves once years ago and haven't found it since. The FDA must have decided not to let it stay in the states but I love the stuff. Ombrelle by Loreal. Non-greasy, no scent, easy on sensitive skin, long-lasting, no sweating. What's not to love? Plus my skin ADORES tropical weather so put the two together and I can be out all day. I'll come back at least 2 shades darker I'm sure but so worth it.

Limited variety of shoes for variety of uses
Walking, hiking, lazing about looking cute. Yep. Think I'm covered there. If I can't wear it more than once, it doesn't go. You know. That excess baggage thing again. But no crocs, OK? Hate 'em. Yeah, yeah, they're super comfy. Yeah, yeah, lots of colors. Yeah, yeah I bought my daughter a pair because she needs something for the water and I could not find a pair of flips or flops to save our lives. They are just too much for me. Some smart person came up with them and lucky, lucky them. Wish it had been me! But Daughter having a pair is far enough.

Clothes for romping. Clothes for repaste. Clothes that you can wear more than once and it won't be obvious. That's right. I said more. than. once. You wanna lug that stuff on a cruise, be my guest. But experience says you won't wear it all anyway. So you pack everything and then take half of it out. Very true. I've bought some stuff just for this vacation and those must come but there's only one suitcase going so pare it down!

Who came up with this word, anyway? Toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, lotion, chapstick. Check, check, check, check, super check. I've got to make sure anything I really love stays in the suitcase. The recent trip South showed me that we aren't quite lax yet on bringing these items onboard planes. My babies' juiceboxes and Son's ice pack were confiscated - but Daughter's icepack was not. Don't know why. I've got sensitive skin so my stuff ain't cheap. Though I wonder, why is under the plane any safer than in it?

Eh hem. Eh hem. I'm sorry, I keep having to clear my throat there. Gotta pick that up tomorrow because I'll run out in the middle of the trip otherwise. Not yet ready for Baby #3.

What else? What else? I'm sure something else will come to me soon. The cell phone. The charger. The camera. The like. I'll be ready. For now, I've got more clothes to wash and 2 more days to wait.

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