Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cute Cloth Critters

I'm still slowly, oh so slowly, getting back to normal life. I started a post for ya'll but I don't have time to finish it before tomorrow so I'll just do a few photos for you for now. It's a theme; some of the animals our stateroom attendant Chun amused us with nightly. This was on Royal Caribbean but Carnival does it too. You just never get tired of having one of these little creatures greet you when you come back to your room at night. I wonder if they get tired of making them?

I didn't capture all of them. There was dog in the mix too but I can't recall the other 1 or 2 he did for us. I'm sure there is photographic evidence somewhere in Husband's digital camera. That bed, by the way? Short for a man as big as mine but soooo comfortable. I remember that about Carnival too. The beds make me feel like no one else has touched them, unlike most hotel beds. They are in my top three of all-time most comfortable and cozy beds ever! Makes you wanna book your vacation right now, huh?

Just wait! There's more...next time.

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Theresa said...

Those are adorable! I took a Carnival cruise a few years back and the towel animals were scary looking.