Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another Drab Day

Stupid cold is sapping my strength and energy. Forced myself to walk this morning but amazingly enough I was as sleepy when I got home as when I left and it is freakin' cold around here these days. People must have thought I was drunk. Swear I wasn't even walking in a straight line at times. And when I got home, I had to take a quick nap. Amazing I still got to work by 9 this morning. Must be the cold pills I took the night before, or so I thought. But it's 1:42 p.m. right now and I am dying to go back to bed.

So, my little cruising post has to wait. Folk ask about it and yes, I had a great time but I don't gush very often and it was everything I expected it to be so no disappointment there. Just wish I had my own little servant woman to pack and unpack my stuff at home. Husband did his in one fell swoop the day after we got back. Three bags and a carry-on's worth. I only had one bag and carry-on and both of them still have remnants of things that I need to put away. Eventually. I'm a little busy right now with the final touches for the big job my business has been preparing to do this fall, while blowing my nose in between thoughts and reading email.

I hate being sick and I hate being cold and darn it, I am dealing with both right now. Here. Look at this picture of Mr. T. lying on the beach in Antigua instead of listening to me whine. Antigua has 365 beaches but I honestly don't think you'd want to spend a whole week there unless all you want to do is lay on a beach. Better to visit and move on.


Theresa said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!!! I feel relaxed just looking at that beach.

Looney Mom said...

Oh soo sorry you're sick. Bummer. I have one puking right now. The worst.

Oh and that picture is just beautiful. Looks like a magazine cover.

Glad you had the break!