Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Write Stuff

Someone must think I have it. Last night I found out that a flash fiction piece that I submitted to Word Riot back in September is going to be published next month! Flash fiction, for those of you who don't know, is just as it sounds - a quick piece of fiction, usually under 1,000 words. This one was done from a prompt I did in my online critique group some time ago. One of the members told me about flash fiction, a genre I didn't know of at the time, and I figured some of the things I wrote might work so why not?

It's wonderful confirmation of my writing. Mind you, I have friends, family, co-workers - my boss, even - church members, all tell me they think I'm a good writer. I've published myself when I was the editor of my church newsletter for 5 years many moons ago when I had no children. I publish myself here regularly! One of my co-workers publishes an online magazine and has told me she'd happily publish something of mine should I write something for them - still my plan. But I've got to admit, there is something about the validation from strangers, someone who doesn't know you and has no connection to you and your writing alone must represent itself. Darn it if it's not a welcome form of praise.

So this will be the very first thing I've had published in as close to the traditional way as one can get. This is the young woman who publishes the mag. Should I be concerned that she calls herself crazy Jackie? Hmmm. Who cares! The woman is published and has an agent and obviously knows what she's doing.

I'm still working on my children's book and I'm hoping my time away to deal with my house will give me the fresh perspective I need to go back to it and make it shine so I can start submitting it to publishing houses. That's one I've been working on for about 4 years now. Now, getting that baby published would indeed be a dream come true.


Colleen said...

How wonderful for you! So glad you are going to be published. That's exciting! I've thought a lot about writing children's books too some day. I also was in charge of the singles newsletter at my church many years ago. That was a blast. Anyway, I wish you lots of luck with your writing!

theresa said...

I'm so happy for you!

Monica said...

Thanks, ladies! Colleen, write, girl, write!

Kerri. said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! Good for you, Monica!

E Level Designs said...

A masterpiece in the making!