Monday, January 08, 2007

Weekend Warrior

This weekend was all about the walls. OK, so "warrior" is probably not the best word to use but I was proud of myself nonetheless for adding my own little personal touches to the kids' rooms. This one is Son's room. I'm stencling stars on the wall along with 2 suns, 2 moons and soon to be rockets with a planet or two thrown in for balance. I did the suns and moons first. I bought stencil paint for those so I could do some colors we didn't already have from the walls. That paint is dry! I hate it because it's hard to work with. I never knew what it was like before. Now I do and won't be going that way again. Nonetheless, I did what I could and the rockets are going to be done with wall paint for sure. I got a sun and a moon in the center of each of the four walls and the stars will run between them. It's hard to see in this picture but this center image is where I am so far. It took me about 3 hours to do this much. Had to stop. I'll go back tonight and see if I can at least finish the stars.

And here is a closeup of a moon and a sun. I like them. Or rather, I can live with them and Son will too - until he discovers some new theme one day he'll want played out on his walls.

Now Daughter's walls we're easier. I used a stamp to do her butterflies and it's not as messy and time consuming. I did hers in about an hour but all I'm doing is that. I'm not adding other bugs on the wall, unlike Son's more elaborate job. But those butterflies are beautiful, if I say so myself, and really make it look like a little girl's room. It does cut off the height of a wall, if you're concerned about things like that, but I love standing there and looking at them. Mr. T. likes them too though he acts like he needs sunglasses every time he goes into the room. Daughter was looking at a Pottery Barn Kids catalog with me and decided she wanted everything in there - and for her room to be pink. I think I'll just ignore that request for now.

So tonight I'll go back and get some more stars done. As much as I am enjoying the whole thing, I'll be glad when we can just move in already. Mr. T. is way more of a deliberate person than I am and I know he wants things a certain way first. I think I'll just have to keep myself busy shopping!


theresa said...

Lookin good Monica!

Monica said...

Why thank you! Those darn stars in Son's room, however, are a JOB! I'm STILL not done. I think it will take another hour to do those and then it's time for rockets. This boy better love it for at least 2 years!

Looney Mom said...

I LOVE how it's coming along. How fun. I've been wanting to do the kids' rooms with some fun themes and colors... just haven't gotten around to it. Bummer. Great job!