Friday, January 05, 2007

House Work

I know, I know. Another week and no writing. I've been busy. I swear! Oh, and I've been sick too, thanks to my daughter. Plus yesterday, Mr. T. turned 38. It's been a lot. But I'm better now, things have quieted down and I am back on the run.

Last weekend I continued cleaning. This time I had to hit the fridge and cabinets but I still need to do the cabinets below. I was too tired to do that last time. (There's some more behind me and on the wall adajacent to that fridge.)
See down there? This is me cleaning the fridge. It took me an hour and a half and it wasn't even that bad! Imagine if we had to move in after someone who didn't care! I can't imagine it. It makes me shudder. Next image.

So there's also the painting. See here the question is, "How does this purple look next to Daughter's newly yellow walls? Or should we stick with lavender?" And "Gee, this blue isn't too dark is it? And this purple with that?" Sounds like a rainbow but my kids picked the colors and I love color so I was fine with it. Mr. T says to leave the kitchen white, however.

"It would be too much color!" he says.

Pish posh! There's no such thing!
But in the spirit of compromise, I say, "Cool."

"And the living room. We won't paint the living room," he adds.

Now cut that out! We need color there!

"We'll let the furniture and things add the color."

Sigh. Fine.

I like change too much to disagree with that logic. Besides, we still WILL paint the foyer downstairs and the family room and my office/guest room a wonderful pumpkin color so I can be content. Plus we still are trying to figure out what color to do our room. I mistakenly voiced some thoughts on green and I HATE green and now Mr. T. is looking into that.(This is the empty, colorless room where my office/guestroom will be.)

I told him, "You must pick a shade that complements me."


"You never heard of that? The woman must look good in her own room. That's the rule."

He rolled his eyes but to his credit, he's following my lead on this anyway because though he's never said it, I think he thinks it's what a woman should or wants to do - make their own house a home - so he's been very open to everything I've said. Thankfully, I married a man who cares about his appearance and the appearance of things around him so I will get honest feedback and I know we won't have a thing in there we don't both love, provided it affects both of us that is.

Anyway, this weekend, it's all about getting the butterflies onto Daughter's walls. Just a simple stencil to border the ceiling. Already got a lavender switchplate with butterflies on it and lavender electrical outlet covers should have arrived in the mail by now. Now to find new closet knobs and I'll be cool until I start getting the other stuff for her. Son, on the other hand, needs a galaxy and I have stenciling to do to meet that demand as well. Never done this in my life, mind you, but I'll trust my artistic abilities with this one.
Then we'll head off to Ikea the next weekend because we saw some lighting there that he liked. Plus I saw a lovely ceiling light on their website that I think will work as well. And a wall rocket too. (It's a storage thing. Surely you understand.) I had never been there before now, believe it or not. The place is confusing but CHEAP! Great day, how cheap! Too cheap for the adult furniture, as far as I am concerned. Good transitional living type stuff and good for kids so for the kids we'll go. (And I'm sure there will at least be some fun stuff for accenting rooms too.) By the time we get done, he ought to be quite happy. And I'm happy for him, every kid should have a place where their imagination can explode all over the walls and no one will care. They finally get theirs.

This is me - in the kids' bathroom - signing off until later!


theresa said...

Your new house looks beautiful. I like your plans.

Looney Mom said...

I LOVE color too. I think it's going to look great!