Monday, January 15, 2007

A Model Customer

Tonight I wrote for an hour about what I did at the mall. I read through, I went to fix something, I hit the wrong button, I lost the whole thing because I didn't save a version before I edited it.

I'm sick. So I'm going to roll my hair and call it a night.

Want to know what happened? The long and short of it is a salesclerk in Lane Bryant asked me if I wanted to model in their show in April. I said yes. We'll see what happens.

How dull was that? My prior version gave you a whole thing on elusive dark wash jeans and finding the right fit. My other version commented on the need to love anything I buy because when I turned 35 one birthday ago, it was just one of those pivatol moments for me - I call it my personal age of reason. I refuse to not be happy with the things and people in my life. So I'm not, for the most part. My other version had quotes and a flash back to when my mother convinced me to take a modeling class offered at some department store we went to one day. I did the show and that was the end of that modeling career. My other version explained about how hard it is to fit clothes when I'm losing weight because I never have clothes that fit me for the season and size I am in. Right now is no different. My prior version reasoned that this could be an opportunity for anything, not just for modeling like some other women may be there to find, and a writer/businesswoman like me needs to make the most of networking opportunities.

Nope, you should have read that other version. It was great. But now it's gone and all I have left is this boring watered-down version of my internal thoughts.

Oh well. Enjoy the picture. It's American Idol contestant Kimberly Locke, who is right now losing weight as well. When I saw her some seasons ago, my friend and I - who watched the show separately - both clearly remembered a black top she wore that was sheer above the belly button and it was so tasteful even we would have worn it and we both had C-sections! That's what I remember most about her - besides her great voice. I remember her top. And here she is looking great in her jeans and I'm still looking for perfection. I'll probably find the Holy Grail first.

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