Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Safe and Sound

Just a quick note to say yes, everyone made it home safe and sound. The house that was pristine for 3 weeks looked like two mini tornadoes had struck. My daughter was climbing all over her daddy. My son kept telling me he had the best time ever. They were both eager to pull out the new clothes my great-aunt had bought them down there. They left with one suitcase that had a little wiggle room. My husband had to take an extra one down with him and they both came back packed to the gills. Where all this stuff will go is a question for another day.

So Son got up singing about being a 1st grader. Daughter wanted to know if she was going too but I told her her school doesn't start until the 5th and she'd have to abide us a bit longer. Son put on his new Batman sweatsuit and shirt, which all matches with the Batman bookbag I had bought him before he went to Georgia so he could use it as his rolling carryon. He went to put on his new Sketchers sneakers that zip up and no luck. They just wouldn't zip. Husband felt them and said they were too small. I called my mother since I don't know why they'd get shoes that didn't fit but she said they fit there and he walked around in them. Needless to say, tears. (Oh boy. Back to the tears.) He put on his old sneakers and I told him we'd just have to look for a similar pair here because they don't sell the same stuff in every state so I couldn't promise we'd find them. He got through it and caught his bus. Wet eyes, wet weather but another year has begun.

Next week: Daughter's Preschool Debut. Stay tuned!


Looney Mom said...

Ah... back to reality!

Poor little guy. I hope you can find his shoes. I know how it is.

I'm glad that you are ALL safe and sound.

theresa said...

First day of school is always bittersweet.

Glad things are getting back to normal for you.