Thursday, August 10, 2006

Do A Little Dance

I'm getting into this thing called blogging, ya'll. I've been telling people that I realized it's like scrapbooking and you all know how I feel about scrapbooking. HATE IT! But blogging I like, including all this additional work of adding amenities to it. So I had to try this. I've just GOT to see if I can get this up on M.O.M. for all the world to see. My mother sent this to me today of the kids playing in the yard. They are in Georgia, now, thus the massive amounts of clothing. Doesn't correlate? Well, it's all about the bugs and keeping the sun off them and Daughter gets these HUGE bumps when mosquitoes bite her. I don't know what's up with that. Anyway, I'm hoping this works. Bear with me. Oh, and be sure you listen too!


Looney Mom said...

how cute!! do you miss them yet?

Monica said...

I do miss them but it's a sacrifice worth making so they can bond with my side of the family and find out they don't need mommy everywhere they go.

I've just got to learn how to improve the video quality now so it's as clear here as my original.