Friday, August 11, 2006

Remembering Me

You know I was visiting someone who visited me recently - Flash is new to this blogging game too I think, just a little newer than I am. She was talking about great underwear having the power to make a woman feel good. I commented that it was indeed true that that power continued way after the sun sets on your college, carefree days. But music has that power too.

I'm sitting here right now listening to Ne-Yo after being steered to (excellent. you've gotta try it) by another fellow blogger. I was already planning to buy him because the boy's got my kind of soul. (Aside: Highly recommend him. Check him out on pandora for free, first. Hey, even we Christians like to groove, my friends.) I rarely buy music the way I did in college, not because I don't want it but just because it's become one of those disposable income type items since the kiddies came along. But yesterday I just did it and the mix of losing 10 pounds so far, thus feeling more like myself; my husband looking at me yesterday like he'd just met me when he saw me wearing something that FIT properly (losing weight tends to screw up wardrobe options for awhile); and listening to Ne-Yo all makes for some very good feelings overall.

So today I happily sit here at work an hour early because I have to leave early to go on some mysterious date with hubby tonight to only-he-knows-where (Aside: Our anniversary is Sept. 8th. I suspect it's connected to that). I'm feeling way better about me now and it's part the journey back to a size I prefer and part simply having the time to remember myself while the kids are gone. I know so many mothers who throw their hands up in a pretend wish for this kind of time but I tell them few things are handed to you. You have to make it happen. Kids grow up and move on and you will be stuck with a person you don't know (you AND your spouse, if you're married) if you don't take the time to spend some time with you and some time with your significant other. "How can you let them go for so long," they ask. Easy. It's their time to bond with the people whose genes contributed to their existence and it's my time to rekindle my love for myself and the things I love - all part of the person God made me to be. Happy, self-confident mommies help make happy, self-confident kids. It's worth the 3 weeks we spend apart once a year.

But this is my way. I'd love it if you chimed in (that means YOU too, lurkers!) and tell us all how you keep connected to yourself.

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Looney Mom said...

I'm with ya! Nice underwear, jamming music, dates with hubby... I haven't had the kid-free time though, dangit! But anyway I have a pile of clothes that I need to fit into "properly" again SOON!

Anyway... have fun with hubby!