Monday, August 21, 2006

All's Well

So does it mean anything that I haven't had anything to really write about this week? I've been busy, mind you. We talked to our new web designers and I sent them images to kick this project off. I may have someone to putting the finishing touches on our logo and really connect it to what we do. We have two jobs to do as well, so business-wise, we're not just hanging around.

Yesterday I stayed home and wrote ALL DAY. Missed church because I just had that desire to write and when I get that way, I go with it. First time I ever got the chance to do that for about 12 hours straight. I have to get my assignment done for my children's writing course but I'm also looking into magazines to submit two other things I wrote and I came up with 2 more ideas while working on my lesson (which I also intend to refine for submission), so I am busy there too. I even plan to get out of here and go write something that's on my To-Do list for my job because I still feel like writing. I guess sometimes it's hard to decide what I want to put here because some things - quite frankly - I want to get paid to say, or at least get published by someone other myself.

So where does that leave my blog? Well, maybe my life isn't all that dramatic, but that's a good thing, isn't it? Do I have to wait until my kids get home to have something to say? Naw. I was Monica long before they came along and I wasn't bored then. Hmm. Maybe I'm just having a peaceful week. I can recall plenty of times when I longed for quiet - physically, mentally, emotionally. The cross I bear is eczema and it can be pretty dibilitating when it gets wild so I think back to the last bad bout I had that lasted for 5 months and gave me two days when I was unable to walk no matter how hard I tried. I think back to that and I say, Thank You God for peace and health. You never really know how good you have it until it's gone - even temporarily. So I choose to be grateful for this turn of peace.

I'm off to work to write some more. Maybe I'll see ya later!

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Looney Mom said...

I'm glad you're well and things are booming for you.

Sorry about the eczema; my Taylor gets that too and it makes her miserable I know. I just wish I could take it from her.

Hey - I hope all your dreams come true!!