Thursday, April 05, 2007

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Tired of talking about my house yet? I'm not! :-)

So, things aren't really THAT different in the (insert any last name here except ours!) household. But a blog without photos is like a colorless rainbow. So even though I have yet to snag the digital camera because Mr. T. took it with him when he went down South - thus ruining my chance to steal it for a while without question - I will post camera shots anyway! And it won't get much better than this, folks, until we have furniture.

These are all pre-satellite and so the missing ingredient in my room and the living room are the TVs. I didn't take a picture of the foyer either because truly there is nothing to see there yet.

First stop, coming in from the foyer, the family room. I am really loving the feel of the color in here and so I think I will be here a lot when there is more to sit on than my rocking chair. As you can see, Daughter has found something else to sit on. Excuse her hair. I just took out the braids.

And because the top view wasn't complete, I swung around to get the rest of the room, just in time to catch the Daughter's triumphant ride upon her brother's back.

Now if you make a left here and ignore the laundry room ahead, you'll find my office and a large painting that a friend of mine did of me exactly 10 years ago. I've mentioned him before. You can see some of the puzzles pieces in the corner there and my precious bombe chest on the side. Just ignore the wires. They are a mess but I intend to clean them up and then devise some sort of fabric cover to match whatever else I do in here.

When you come upstairs in my weirdly laid out home, you come to the kitchen first. You can probably see the legs of the stool at our makeshift dining table. Son likes to sit there. Son does not like to sit in the black chair. I have no idea why. Son is a unique soul.

Make a left and here is the unfurnished living room that will someday house a portable fireplace but for now serves as yet another play area for the kids. Much like the family room downstairs that you just saw and their bedrooms which you will see next. Amazingly enough, I am not annoyed by the clutter yet.

There is no other way out of the living room so duck back through the kitchen and make a left to hit Son's room. Yes, it is this messy right now but it's not his fault. I have to get that dresser over here, remember? I'm not enforcing making up the beds yet until we get into a morning routine that is predictable. We're still working out the new bus stop thing for Son who is still a little anxious about going home just to daddy who is not as predictable as Nana was as far as being home. Thankfully with daddy out on comp, we can have some predictability for him until it's time to get unpredictable again.

The kids' bathroom -really, there is nothing to see here. I told Mr. T not to paint it a color so the curtains and stuff can give the color instead. One day there will be curtains and stuff.

Down the hall we have Daughter's territory. She is sleeping in her big, new bed like the big girl she is. It is wonderful. She's seen a few spiders - in her imagination - and has come to spend the rest of the night with us a few times now. But it was usually after 2 a.m. or right when the sun is rising so still not too bad. She loves opening and closing the drawers of that temporary dresser I put in her room. She's much neater than Son right now.

Finally, our room, sans TV as I said already. I took this picture from the bathroom but really, it's a blank slate too so I didn't take a picture of it. No, the bed isn't made but that's OK. I like just lying there and listening to the kids NOT come in my room to bother me because they are still taken by the fact they have 2 floors to run wild in. I hadn't thought of it before this week but 2 floors is new to them. I grew up in 2-story homes with basements and the like but they have been in 1st-floors apartments and ranch homes all their lives. It's no wonder they still follow me everywhere I go in the house and call for me if they don't see or hear me.

I think I have a picture of the outside of the house. I can't recall if I ever posted that or not. Let me check.....

This was before we bought the place, thus the large Dumpster over to the side. But nothing's changed yet. There are pumpkins on the lawn. I already promised 2 of them to my friend/neighbor down the street so sorry, you can't have those. The stepping stones with ladybugs on them are adorable in and of themselves but I don't want them, plus they are broken so they have to go anyway.

I didn't take a picture of the back yard, which everyone says is big, but one day I shall, after I plant flowers and position my new petrified fairy (someone else's wonderful term) in her place under the tree. In the meanwhile, this concludes the tour of my freshly painted and carpeted home. Thanks for visiting!

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Looney Mom said...

I love your house. How exciting to be making it a HOME one step at a time. I can't wait to see when it's all furnished and really lived in!