Wednesday, April 11, 2007

What's YOUR Role?

So today I was called the "mom" at my job. Nevermind that when my own kids call me "mom" I scream, "Don't call me that!" Connotations. I can't explain it. They can call me "mommy" until they are old and gray but please don't call me mom. Forget the name of my blog. It's irrelevant. So there.

But at work, it's not an insult. I get comments about my being organized and people are getting to the place where they just about expect me to have something they have misplaced. Now, I wasn't born with this acceptable version of OCD so I can only conclude that becoming a real mother had something to do with my sudden organizational superpower. I was, however, born a "mom" because all of my life my friends have rolled their eyes as I did and said things for their own good. Or they simply said nothing as I told some knucklehead, "No, she's NOT interested in YOU. Go away." Man. I am a mother, aren't I? What's up with that?!

On my job, I started out as Editorial Assistant so it was - and still is - my job to keep track of things. Still, "You're the mom," made me laugh and made me wonder. Hmmm. Is that a GOOD thing? At home it means I nag people and I know I do it at work too. How else do you get things done that started months ago?

So, I'm the mom. I'm the mom? Yikes, I'm the mom! I suddenly feel old.

Do you have a "family" role you are playing out at your job?

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