Monday, October 02, 2006

Yet Another Plug

Today I've got a lot going on with my writing and my business and my job but I popped in momentarily to tell you guys about this new magazine in case I never have before. It's NOT for the sensitive, I admit. It's NOT for the person who faints at profanity. It IS by someone I have the growing pleasure to know. It is real and I like it. So far in this issue I've only read the story telling me to watch the bleep out of Studio 60 but I didn't need convincing on that one. I liked it instantly and that usually means a show is doomed.

The magazine is about 3-months old now and already it has it's teeth, I say. It's target is the college-agers to the mid-30somethings (maybe a little higher?). Still, I'm just making it in! (And with my recent eye concerns, I do have constant reminders these days that I'm getting older.)

It is EXIST Magazine and their motto is Enjoy It While You're Young. I think I shall. See what you think.

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Kerri. said...

That's it - you've earned yourself a free subscription.

Thanks for your support, Monica. And I mean that in the least-politcal sounding way possible. ;)