Tuesday, October 03, 2006

So Far, Still Sighted

So, I had my followup appointment with the eye doc today. The prescription he gave me worked wonders and now I'm only tearing up the normal amount! Today's visit was to see how things looked with my eyes in close-to-normal working order. Do I need glasses or not? Apparently I still see really well out the right eye but if I have to look only through my left one, things are a little fuzzy. Nevertheless, the amount of prescription necessary to improve things is so minimal, the doc wouldn't suggest glasses. So I'm off the hook - for now.

Mind you, my sight is still not what it was and I wonder if it ever will be again. Yesterday I spent a lot of time looking at the computer because this phenomenal graphic artist (the fiancee of another phenom I work with) is re-doing my business logo and I spent a lot of time staring at it onscreen and admiring it and trying to perfect it for the next round of changes. Then of course I was in the mood to write so I did and yes, I was at work all this time so I actually had to do that too, although I think I need a vacation. (No, I know I need one but I've got nothing planned for now.)

Anyway, I'm still sighted. I'm not vain - much. I just don't need the burden of having to keep up with expensive eyewear when I've got a sticky-fingered 2-year-old trolling about. I'm grateful the doc agreed. But next month I have to have the full exam. All I can see clearly right now is that I'm getting older and have to do these things a little more regularly. Age 36 is in shouting distance. Shudder. How quickly time goes.

Speaking of time. Must go meet with my business partner now!


theresa said...

Great news!

Looney Mom said...

Good. No fun with the contacts and glasses and such. I've had vision problems my whole life so you're lucky!