Monday, July 12, 2010

Speak Up!

Every now and again I have to come back to remind people that death and life ARE in the power of the tongue. Just about every day I get proof of that, not just in my life, but in the lives of people I know and frankly not all of them are of my belief system so that should tell you something too.

I can only imagine that people find it to be an over-the-top declaration that simply speaking things can make it so. I'm sure there are plenty of people who believe that things are going to work a certain way anyway and that we really have no impact, no matter how much we'd like to believe we do. I don't know what to tell you. It's pretty simple to prove me right or wrong - just start talking. That's it. Now, mind you, talking does NOT mean don't work at it. It does not mean to say it with your mouth but in your mind believe the opposite. Even God has said that faith without works is dead, so there is something to say for believing AND doing like you believe, yet at the same time not being irresponsible in your actions. If you have more people in that boat of yours than you, then you really can't ignore that fact. But this is indeed an act of faith I'm talking about here. There are some things that can work against you - usually you and surrounding yourself with negative people like you. Don't like your own attitude? Consider the company you keep and see if maybe you can make a change there. It goes a long way to have people who can pull you out when you're down in the dumps or just have too little faith to carry yourself that day.

Just last week Bizzy Girl and I were talking about a puzzle client - 2 actually - and thinking we really need a few more of a certain number of orders to help get everyone a better price overall. "All we really need is one more," we said. Why do we do that? Now that, I admit, is what I am still striving to remember for myself. Be careful what you ask for because what did we get this weekend? One of the kinds of orders we were looking for and at the moment I have no clue where this person came from, but it's an ideal client, that's for sure. We really should have said something more like, "It would be great to have X more jobs this month or make $X amount this month," given our goal for this year. That's not to say we won't get more. We're doing some things to try to make that happen, but we said one more, so we got the one more.

Think bigger people! (That goes for us too.)

Mr. T and I went to see Twilight: Eclipse this weekend. (Believe it or not, it was his idea.) It was as action packed as we thought it might be, but what was so heart-warming was not the eye-rollingly romantic vampire movie. (Come on. Wouldn't YOU choose the warm, living wolf over the cold, dead vampire? OK, yeah the wolf does look 15 and you'd think you were robbing the cradle even at 17, and yeah, the vampire is cuter and more mature since he's been alive forever...whoops! Tangent.) What was heart-warming was the trailer we saw right before we saw the movie. The trailer announcing the movie coming soon that was made by Kerri's script-writing husband, Chris. The screen was dark, I heard breathing and a phone conversation and a familiar voice, and as it became more apparent that the voice was Ryan Reynolds', it dawned on me what I was seeing (well, NOT seeing) and I was thrilled the world was finally going to see what we knew was coming. It felt like an inside joke as I clapped and I'm sure had people around me wondering why I was clapping for a preview.

Every time I see word about that movie, Buried, I think back to how much Kerri was ready for all this stuff to happen and not 100% convinced it was going to happen fast enough to keep her sane, but we kept talking about what it would be like when it did. I'm sure Chris had more than enough faith to see even more than that. So when it hit, it hit like a tornado that swoops in to bring life, not take it away, and so far I think she has received or is in the process of receiving everything she had ever hoped for (not sure if she prayed about it before, but I can promise you I prayed about it for her, especially since it was clear a change was coming her way.)

I even think of my pregnant little co-worker (she's small so even before she was 3 months, you could tell she was pregnant). I told her I wanted to say early on that I thought she was having a boy and she laughed because that was exactly what she wanted, but her husband wanted a girl and her mother was saying girl. And on our job, the thing that works against you is the baby history. I've been here 5 years and the last person to have a boy was 5 years ago, and she was on her way to a new job in a new state at that. Every woman who has been here or every man who has had a pregnant wife has had a girl. So we thought about the tradition that no one was purposely trying to start and we knew what she really had to fight was that. Sure, it's all light-hearted but really, I'm talking about more than a few babies in that 5-year span and all girls? But my little co-worker and I and one more co-worker kept saying boy. So far, the docs are 95% certain that's what she's having. Eh. It's a small example compared to the bigger ones I mentioned, but that boy is going to turn around a 5-year tradition. No small feat!

Bottom line - say what you want. Believe what you say. Wait for what you believe. You may be surprised at how things change.

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