Friday, July 09, 2010

Summer Slacking - Sorta

Now what am I doing? Not blogging, that's for sure!

My business has got me hopping and before you know it, I am going to have to come up with a blog post plan for that blog AND this one. My VA is hard at work setting up our new Wordpress blog, because the business just needs that sort of convenience.

There was the virtual day I spent online and on the phone with a small group of other businessowners along with our fearless coach as we planned out a 6-month strategy to build business.

There is the time involved in doing the work that came from that virtual day.

There is the early mornings and late evenings at work trying to get as caught up and ahead in as much as possible, as well as guiding our interns as they help us prepare for a major site change at work. (Isn't it funny how my work life and business life kind of mirror each other sometimes?)

There are the wonderful puzzle clients who have been giving us wonderful puzzles challenges - no really. That's a good thing! We're blessed to be keeping up our at-least-1-job-every-month streak.

And of course there's me hanging with my husband whenever he is not working, because he doesn't want to take any days off so we can take a slow trip to get our kids from the grands when the time comes and come back again.

And last night he tells me he's in the mood to go to Vegas. OK. Let's go! (I'll let you know if we really do.)

Really. It's makes it hard to blog. Maybe I should get in the habit of taking pictures to send to my blog. I think I can do that. Let's find out - next picture taking opportunity. And when I get the stamina, I MUST vetch about The Law of Attraction. (eye rolling commences here)

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