Thursday, April 23, 2009

Waiting, Waiting

Look at me posting twice in one night. But I forgot to mention this email I got today - well, yesterday now. Is it weird that it actually freaked me out a little?

2009 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition

Hello, Super Moms!

The final tabulations for winners in the first annual Leading Moms in Business competition are in. But there is still much to do!

Maximum Exposure for the 200 Winners

We at StartupNation are working fast and furious to get the winners maximum exposure, including:

  • Press release template for each winner
  • Feature stories on select winners
  • StartupNation site wide winner promotions
  • Newsletter promotions for the 2009 results
  • Negotiations with major media to cover the winners after the results are published

Nice to-do list, isn’t it!

Friday, April 24 - Confidential Winner Announcement

We plan to update you via email this Friday, April 24, with a confidential announcement of winners and your rank among them.

You blew us away with your resourcefulness, persistence, creativity and spirit during the competition. Guess we should’ve expected that from a group of entrepreneurs! Over 600,000 votes were amassed by several thousand contestants. We received a ton of feedback from contestants about how the contest added a level of excitement and engagement for moms, their businesses and their supporters. We’re incredibly gratified to hear this news.

Leading Moms Networking Group - to go live this spring

One very cool thing: We’re forming a private, invitation-only online networking group to allow this year’s contestants to stay in touch and support each other on an ongoing basis. Put your name on the invite list if you would like to be a part of this elite networking group.

Add me to the invite list

Create Additional Buzz

Regardless of whether you’re named a winner, we think you’re a winner simply for competing and being savvy enough to create buzz for your business. If you’d like to create additional buzz and you aren’t named a winner this year, for a discounted fee StartupNation can create a feature story about you and/or a fully-produced, hosted podcast interview with you by phone for your own promotional use.

Learn about being featured

As always, we wish you success and hope we can continue to support you as you pursue your dreams in business.


Rich Sloan (and StartupNation team)

In Partnership with Ladies Who Launch Proudly sponsored by Vertical Response

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