Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hang On Everybody!

It's nearly 1 a.m.. I have been at this kitchen table since 7, dictating to my kids that it was time for bed; talking to Bizzy Girl about business plans and ideas; talking to one of the pastors of my church about the newsletter HE is editing and that I have - without any effort from me - been pulled into helping out with. But Bizzy Girl, also drafted, said we are the advisory board only. On the DL. Ghosts in the machine of this publication. We will NOT attend meetings or take public recognition or do more than help in word.

But I am editing copy for them. (About 15 years as a member, over 3,000 on the roll and somehow I am still the only copy editor in the place.)
I am helping them with logistics and processes for how to do this thing.
I am getting printing quotes.
I am the middle woman for some info when I keep trying to extricate myself.

I was responsible to myself. Honest! Even Bizzy Girl and our friend who helps us with graphic design in our business (let's call her "Simply Lovely" since she'll most likely be mentioned again) told them, "Monica is NOT available. She won't come back. Don't even ask."

He asked.

I rolled my eyes and helped anyway. But I won't get in too deep. No way. Ow. Sorry. A papercut from the newsletter copy I am swimming in tonight.

The rest? Business is amazing and Bizzy Girl and I are Dizzy Girls. A slight tweak in our perspective I think did the trick, as well as stepping out on faith. It's paying off. We have made so far this year more than we had made by the end of last and are on track to this being a turnaround year for us in many ways. That's why I'm STILL not here properly. With the sales we've been doing and the email campaigns and the networking - really, really EXCELLENT networking - and the ideas we've been generating and developing, and that contest which inspired a major website redesign (in the works) and just having Bizzy Girl working at a higher level than ever before, it's allll good. Tiring, but good. Combine that with the suddenly hectic schedules of my tiny tots...I can't think too far ahead or I may explode.

So here I am blogging. Looking at my to-do list. Proofing new greeting cards right after finally sending off those edited newsletter stories. So thrilled I have to do an invoice before I go to bed too and now, darn it, I've got a quick article idea that I think I'll post over on Biznik, even though I was thinking of pulling out of that group. Must ponder that one.

OK, now I'm rambling over here and you don't come here to see me ramble and lose my mind, unless you are the kind of person who wants to say, "See? I knew you couldn't be a mother and a wife and run a business and have a life and write a book and learn to cook...(sorry. Dr. Suess temporarily took over)." Yeah, if you came over here to see me fail, there's nothing to see here. I'd suggest you move on.

Now please excuse me while I go conquer some more mountains.

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Angel said...

lol some of us have it and some of us never do. Some days I am so together I scare myself, pther days, (this is the norm) I do things like put the grens on and go tot he store without turning them off. ( I did that yesterday and luckily remembered as I was parking at Walmart) We just do our best.