Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why Oh Why

My nephew-in-law is getting divorced.

"Nephew moved in with my mother yesterday," Mr. T told me one morning this week. I looked at him in confusion. I had actually forgotten that fast that he and his wife had just bought a house not that long ago. I was too busy trying to remember how long they were married. I know time flies but could it have been THAT long already? Long enough to give up?

"What do you mean? Where's his wife? What happened?"

Mr. T shrugged. "She's gone."

Nephew is sweet. Nephew is smart. Nephew is handsome. Nephew has a VERY good job. His wife is simply adorable. Mr. T and I are old enough to be their parents if we had started somewhere between the age of 15 to 18, but otherwise we don't usually feel an age difference between us, even when she calls me Aunt Monica. And with her, it was sweet. I didn't mind.

"Why? I don't get it. How long have they been married now?"

"About 2 years."

They were the couple that got married in secret. Just last summer we all went to dinner to celebrate them. They had been together about 2 years before they got married. Maybe longer. They seemed so certain. She looked so content. I am positive Nephew would move the moon for her.

"She cheated on him."

"What?! How does he know? How can he be sure? Did she confirm it? No way! After all this? And just 2 years of marriage? Huh?"

"He did his homework first. Checked cell phone bills. Called a number that was coming up a lot and when a guy answered, he told him who he was and the guy hung up. He confronted her. She said he's just a friend."

"Why," was all I could ask as I shook my head.

"Why'd they even buy a house," Mr. T wondered out loud.

The other nephew's wife is already on everyone's s**t list - mine too - since he got slammed in the face at a party for HER sister and had to get his jaw wired, couldn't talk, etc. and she didn't tell anyone here for days. But this little wifey? I LIKED her, man. Enough to look forward to seeing her when we got together. I guess I can hold out hope that somehow things get resolved but if it's true, Nephew is right to stand firm if she couldn't stand loyal after such a short time. But I hope there's a misunderstanding. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed and praying for them.

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