Monday, July 21, 2008

A Quick Prayer for Madeleine

I am moved to momentarily stop and ask God to ensure that this little girl - if she is indeed still among the living - is well cared for even if she is not to be returned to her family any time soon. The ultimate conclusion, of course, is that He takes her back to her family. But only God knows what happened and why, and only He can see clearly into this. It pains me deeply to think of a child my daughter's age out there, separated for her family. She is old enough to know the people she is with now are not the people she should be with. Of course, again, we don't know what happened. It could be some other family member that has her for all we know.

As I re-read the story of the McCann's, cultural differences surface again. Just like that Danish mom who left her child in a stroller on a NY street, I suppose we have to leave room for the practices of people in other parts of the world. It just seems to me, though, that when in Rome, don't act like you're home. Keep that child close. Period. Mr. T and I are always doing that dance too - how much freedom do we give them and when? When we're away, there is no give on that invisible leash. But at home, Mr. T is more flexible than I am and I deliberately try to scare him with all the stuff that can happen in our own back yard too - literally. I guess between the two of us, the kids will come out OK but will I?

But none of this helps Madeleine right now. She is still out there somewhere and her parents, I am sure, will never feel 100% joy in life ever again. I know I wouldn't. And that leads me to the third possible conclusion to this mystery, the one no one wants to think about, but I still pray that if worse has come to worse, God please let it come to light so these people can rest in the fact that You have her now. For this moment in time, I wish them peace - one way or another.

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